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Week #29 - Cheshire Town Get Second Hot Spot Win

Published: 10 April 2019


We must start this Week by congratulating the Coach of Cheshire Town who completed their victory in the penultimate Hot Spot Game of the season with the minimum of fuss and five more goals. Although half the teams matched Cheshire Town by also scoring five goals in Week #29, only one team scored more and even then only one more. Unfortunately only Porthleven Pirates OR were within one goal or six points of the leaders when Week #29 started and it was Weakenders who posted that Week’s best score. Over the six Weeks of the contest Cheshire Town were the only team to top score more than once. They also notched thirty points in two separate Weeks and thirty goals in total. While Porthleven Pirates OR gave them a run for their money over the first five Weeks of the contest, they ultimately fell away in the final Week to finish in ninth with Vamos Unai inheriting the runners up spot by matching the winners final Week score. All this means that Cheshire Town and fdringo have each taken victory in two of the four Hot Spot Games played so far this season. With the former being runaway leaders in the overall classification and the latter firm favourites to take the Cup it is looking increasingly difficult for other teams to get a look in where the prizes are concerned.


For the second Week in a row the number of Premier League fixtures was matched by the number of strikers contributing points to the Golden Boot Game. This Week, however, two of the four most popular strikers each contributed two goals; Vardy and Hazard accounting for almost eighty per cent of all points. The vast majority of the rest were down to Salah’s strike with just a dozen points coming from the other three contributions. The average score for Week #29 was a considerable increase on the previous Week at 18.4 points despite having only forty per cent of the matches but we did have one team failing to score this time. While many teams collected the five goals from the three popular scorers only one, Weakenders, could add a fourth scorer and a sixth goal and they were rewarded with a Week’s best 31 points. Vamos Unai were able to match their points by being the only one of five teams with an 8-point double to have any other scorers among their top five selections. Three more teams reached thirty points (just), all with five goals from three strikers, led by Real Muirfield with an 8-pointer from Eight Wizards doubling up at sixes and sevens and league leaders Cheshire Town rounding out the group.

Half the teams in the top ten changed positions as a result of Week #29’s scoring but none of the top three got involved in any of that. Cheshire Town once again increased their lead over M1 stretching it out to 44 points. The gap back to third placed fdringo also opened slightly and now stands at a less significant nine points. Behind the top three we had our first switch of position with Magic Eight Balls taking over in fourth just a point behind fdringo and seventeen ahead of Lancashire Rover whose four point haul proved costly. The gap between the top two is pretty much the same as the gap between second and sixth with five Weeks to go so Uttley Allstars could be said to have the same chance of taking a prize as M1 have of becoming champions. It could yet be an interesting fight for the prizes (well the second prize, at least).


Our final Hot Spot Game of the season is called the Final Five Game because it lasts five Weeks finishing on the final day of the Premier League season, Sunday 12th May. The rules of the game are exactly the same as for the Golden Boot Game except that it only lasts five Weeks and the tie-break rules follow the Hot Spot Game rules. Originally the Final Five Game was designed for those new players who may have initially struggled with our concept which is very different from the standard fantasy football games and for players who joined the game late in the season. This game would enable them to show how much they had learnt and how different the result might have been if they had been able to show their true potential over the whole season. That was back in the day when we would get a significant number of new players in a season, of course. This season we are simply finding out who happens to be on the best form over the final few Weeks of the season when fewer and fewer clubs have anything to play for and rotate their squads more and more. Good luck everybody.


We are currently in a run of four Friday night selection deadlines within five Weeks and Week #30 is not the exception. This means the selection deadline will, once again, be 19:00 (7 pm) on Friday 12th April, just an hour before kick-off in the match between Leicester and Newcastle. There are eleven Premier League fixtures to be played during Week #30 with Brighton having two home matches while Cardiff have two away from home. All the other clubs have the usual one fixture, so no clubs miss out this Week. The final fixture of Week #38 is between Brighton and Cardiff on Tuesday night and we will be updating our web sites shortly after the final whistle in that match. The next web log will be published at the normal time late on Wednesday 17th April. In it we will have news from the first Week of the Final Five Game as well as the usual updates from the Golden Boot Game.

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