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Week #13 - League Leaders 'Cheshire Town' Get Easy Cup Draw

Published: 28 November 2018


It is good to see that some of our players have been posting comments on the web log over the past few Weeks. Many of these have included ideas and suggestions which have made very interesting reading. The Coach of M1 pointed out that it is often difficult to tell if any comments have been made since they only appear at the end of the blog text. To make this clearer we have added a comment counter to the header section of the page. In the near future we hope to also add this information to the latest web log section of the login page. Hopefully this will make it easier to determine if it is worthwhile visiting the blog page for some insightful comments from our players.


Plenty of goal scorers this Week with popular selections Salah, Kane and Aubameyang supported by two Mitrovic goals and some Sterling work. Every team managed at least three goals, a rare occurrence in a ten match Week, and the average score was 16.8 points. I get the feeling we could have seen bigger scores if only Aguero had hit the mark. Several teams managed goals from the majority of their strikers with Real Muirfield topping the goal tally on seven from six scorers. This was not quite enough for the Week’s top score, though, as M1 topped the points with 27 from six goals and Team Of The Weak were able to match the 25 points of Real Muirfield from just four scorers and five goals. Behind these top three fdringo and Porthleven Pirates OR matched each other on 21 points even though fdringo had five different scorers while the Pirates had only two but made the Week’s only Sane selection for sixteen points.

Not for the first time leaders Cheshire Town were able to benefit from inconsistency among the chasing pack as M1 moved up into second place swapping places with Lancashire Rover. There are now over thirty points between the leaders and the third placed team who lead a group of five teams separated by just five points which includes our last two champions fdringo and Magic Eight Balls as well as Team Of The Weak and Uttley Allstars. We are now officially a third of the way through the season and the gap between the top two remains the largest in the entire table at nineteen points. Plenty of scope for improving your team’s position over the busy winter months then, unless your team happens to be leading already.


For those who have not already seen the draw for Round 2 of the Golden Boot Cup sponsored by Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven, Cornwall, it is:-
All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe v. Vamos Unai
donnyvegas v. Lancashire Rover
fdringo v. Bury Wanderer
J1 v. Back to Back
M1 v. RC Team
Porthleven Pirates OR v. Cheshire Town
Real Muirfield v. Mixmix
Team Of The Weak v. Oxford Orange

With next Week’s schedule being very tight because of midweek matches in the Premier League, I propose to preview the Cup here and now. There are a couple of real upset opportunities as the top two teams both face teams in the bottom four. Bottom team RC Team sit some 144 points below M1 in second spot which is more points than they have scored so far this season. For Porthleven Pirates OR against leaders Cheshire Town the gap is just 133 points. Both leaders are on a hiding to nothing but if I had to pick a shock I would go for the Pirates after this Week’s showing. The third and fourth placed teams, Lancashire Rover and fdringo both have a healthy gap to their respective opponents, donnyvegas and Bury Wanderer, who both sit in mid-table but it wouldn’t be a shock if one or other of the lower placed teams went through. Team Of The Weak against Oxford Orange is the only tie featuring teams in the top ten though the home team has a 28 point advantage over the former champions at this stage. The tie between Real Muirfield and Mixmix is easily the closest on paper with just nine points between the teams, the Cup holders having the slender advantage. The remaining ties all feature teams in the bottom ten at the moment. J1 and Vamos Unai both have a gap of just three places over their more lowly opponents, Back to Back and All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe respectively but these two ties do at least mean we will definitely have some representation from the teams in the bottom half come the New Year; barring some dramatic improvements over the next few Weeks.


Another Week in the Total Goals Game and another change of leadership. Real Muirfield were the Week’s top scorers with seven goals just managing to outscore M1 and more comfortably everyone else. With their six goal haul M1 are technically the new leaders on fourteen goals, though only jointly in fact with both Magic Eight Balls and fdringo. Last Week’s leaders, Lancashire Rover have slipped back into a group of four teams with thirteen goals which includes the overall classification leader, Cheshire Town, alongside donnyvegas and Team Of The Weak. There are currently just seven goals separating the bottom group from the top group which is exactly the number of goals scored so far by the bottom group. Given that we still have over half way to go, at least in terms of matches, in this Hot Spot Game, every team still has a realistic chance of taking the prize.


Whatever normal is, Week #14 is definitely not going to be a normal Week. Firstly (and most importantly) there is a Friday night match between Cardiff City and Wolves which means the selection deadline will be at 19:00 (7 pm) on Friday 30th November. There are two sets of Premier League fixtures to be played in Week #14, so twenty matches in total. Each of the Premier League clubs has one home fixture and one away fixture to fulfil during Week #14 with the final matches being Man Utd v. Arsenal and Spurs v. Southampton on Wednesday night. As always we will be updating the web sites shortly after the final whistles have sounded at Old Trafford and Wembley. The late finish on Wednesday means that the next web log will not be published until Thursday 6th December probably around lunchtime.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: M1

at: 20:42 on 28 November 2018

Having read this weeks web log, I notice the comment counter has gone from the top of the page this week. Is this because the counter is not activated until a comment is made?

From: M1

at: 20:44 on 28 November 2018

As I thought it has now been activated by the above comment... Just like magic really!!

From: Cheshire Town

at: 14:55 on 29 November 2018

You do realize you are talking to yourselve!!!!!!

From: Cheshire Town

at: 15:25 on 29 November 2018

Thought headline a bit harsh on Porthleven Pirates they stand as much chance of any team of winning the cup. Cup ties are a one off game. Think of all the upsets in the history of the fa cup of Wimbledon beating the great Liverpool team in 1988 and the one I remember best was Sunderland beating the great Leeds in 1973. Any one else have memories of cup upsets.. Sheffield Wednesday fan maybe? Ynwa

From: M1

at: 22:00 on 29 November 2018

Indeed I thought the same on that headline!!! Then looked at my draw and thought there could well be some big cup upsets coming up!!! Talking about great upsets, I was at the MK Dons match when they hammered Manchester United 4-0 in the league cup a couple of years ago.... But these days almost anyone can beat them... The great non league team Hereford United beating Newcastle in 1972 in the FA Cup stands out.

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