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Week 3 - sillstars Still Stars Holding Both Top Spots

Published: 30 August 2017


Despite a drop off in the number of teams taking part in the Golden Boot game this season, which currently stands at about 14 per cent, you will all be happy to know that we will be preserving the same prize structure as last season and the season before. Just like the vast majority of Premier League clubs, our game is budgeted to make a loss but, again following the Premier League model, we carry on regardless. How long this can go on may well be determined as much by the interest of our players as by the interest on our debts. We haven’t yet set a limit on the number of players that we need to make it worthwhile to continue with the game but if we continue to lose even ten per cent of teams per season we will soon have to make some hard choices. For this season, though, you can be assured that, like life, the Golden Boot game carries on as normal.


The average score in Week 3 fell below even the standards of Week 2 despite there being enough scoring strikers to furnish a full house. The reasons for the lack of points this Week were that none of the scoring strikers was selected by a majority of teams and none of these nine scorers could muster more than a single goal. There were also double the number of teams without a goal or just one more team if you would like to play this stat down. Two teams managed goals from four different strikers while four teams had an 8-point goal but just one team Magic Eight Balls fell into both categories; top scoring with 20 points. Incredibly, Magic Eight Balls had been next to bottom in the overall classification after Week 2 and it was bottom team MANILA BLUES who posted this Week’s second best score with 17 points from three goals. Third best score of the Week came from Eight Wizards who also started the Week in the bottom five but their 15 points at least took them out of that group.

With most of the Week’s best scorers coming from the lower reaches of the overall standings, it’s not surprising that we didn’t see the expected movement at the top of the table that usually characterises these early Weeks of the season. In fact all this Week’s top five were in last Week’s top six and leaders sillstars maintained their position albeit by just a point from M1. A further point back sit last Week’s second placed team Arsenal de Brooklyn, themselves a point ahead of PJ Auxerre who pushed Week 1 leaders Chimps gimps down to fifth on goals scored. Both Lancashire Rover and Cheshire Town already have goals from every position in their team and over half our teams already have double figures in the goals column. So, despite the declining scoring we seem to have collectively made a very decent start to the new season.


The middle Week of our first Hot Spot game this season at least saw the two teams without any points get off the mark in style. Neither winners Magic Eight Balls nor runners up MANILA BLUES had scored a single point in the first two Weeks of the contest and this Week’s third team on the podium, Eight Wizards, had scored only one. A sixteenth place finish allowed leaders sillstars to add five points to the gap back to Team of the Weak in second. However, third placed Chimps gimps kept pace with the leaders while Arsenal de Brooklyn closed slightly to put themselves within a fifth place finish of the top spot. For all their lead, though, it should be remembered that sillstars score is based on two podium finishes. The nine teams with a single podium finish have two chances after the international break to match that return and even the two thirds of teams without a podium finish could still make an impact with good result in both Weeks 4 and 5. Of course the maths giveth and the maths taketh away, so at most six teams without a current podium place can get back into it in Week 4 which will leave at least half our teams with no chance of winning before the final Week starts.


The international break at the end of August gives us the opportunity to finalise some aspects of the 2017 – 2018 season which are not yet decided. The first of these is which charity we will be supporting this season through our JustGiving page. This charity will be selected from those nominated on the registration forms of the teams who signed up to play this season. Only those teams that are currently active at the end of August will have their nominations considered. The charity for this season will be chosen at random from all the valid nominations. The second matter that can be sorted out at this stage is to finalise the schedule for the Golden Boot Cup. At this point it appears we will not need the first (preliminary) round this season. In our next web log we will let you know our nominated charity and the finalised schedule for the Golden Boot Cup. This will be published on Wednesday 6th September. Even though there are no Premier League matches before then, the blog should be well worth reading for anyone who is interested in the Golden Boot game.

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