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Week 31 - Magic Eight Balls Take Over At The Top

Published: 28 April 2017


Those of you who have a sharp mind and keep track of the Premier League fixtures will have noticed that there is a potential problem with the selection deadline for Week 34. The match between Everton and Watford has been scheduled with a Friday evening kick-off at 19:45. Following our rules this puts the selection deadline at 18:00 (6 pm) on Friday 12th May. Although we have had Friday night selection deadlines before, these have always been at 19:00 (7pm) and it occurs to me that some people may have a problem with an earlier deadline. Leaving the deadline at 19:00 is not really an option because the actual team selections for this match will be available from 18:45 (one hour before kick-off). If you feel you are going to have a problem with a deadline at 18:00 you need to shout now. If enough people shout early enough we may have time to do something about it before Week 34.


We begin our build up to the Cup Final between Cheshire Town and J1 with a look at how the teams have progressed to this stage of the competition. For Cheshire Town it has been another season of unremitting Cup success that has seen their run of victories stretch into double figures. At the quarter final stage they beat fdringo by 22 points, the biggest victory margin since the Preliminary Round, but in the main their matches have been fairly close. J1, however, have played six matches in getting through four rounds, coming through their first tie against Bury Wanderer after failing to score in the first match and needing a second attempt to see off rivals M1 in the semi-final. This semi-final replay victory by nine points was easily their biggest win of the tournament to date. These extra two matches mean that J1 are the only team to score over 100 points in the Cup this season. However, their average Cup score is over a point behind that of Cheshire Town and their league averages reinforce that difference. In our next blog we will look at how the teams match up over the 32 Weeks leading up to the Cup Final.


While most points were provided by the Week’s two goal strikers, Costa and Benteke, this was one of those rare Weeks when every one of our ten scoring strikers had been selected by at least one team. One team, Mixmix actually had five different scorers making them one of six teams with five goals. The other five all had only three scorers but with both Costa and Benteke. The Week’s three top scorers were among these five teams, MANILA BLUES with 30 points beating Lallanas in Pyjamas (27 points) and Trap ceam (25 points). A couple of teams did miss out completely, though, as five of the six top selections failed to score.

Long time leaders donnyvegas finally succumbed to the pressure from Magic Eight Balls who take over at the top by two points. Cheshire Town in third are just six points behind the leaders after, once again, outscoring the two teams above them. They have now reached 151 goals for the season with just 14 more needed to equal the all-time record and four Weeks still to go. For J1 it was another poor Week and they now sit a distant fourth and are starting to come under pressure from arch-rivals M1 in fifth.


As regular readers will know and the next sentence shows, I often fill up this blog by stating the obvious. So, after the first Week of the Final Five game the standings always reflect how the teams did this Week. It will come as no surprise, then, that the early leaders in this competition are MANILA BLUES who lead by three points from Lallanas in Pyjamas. There are, however, some 46 matches to be played over the next four Weeks, so there is plenty of time for those teams who started slowly to make a decisive move and win a prize.


Week 32 is that rare thing at this stage of the Premier League season, a normal Week for the Golden Boot game. The selection deadline is at 11:00 am on Saturday morning and there are ten Premier League fixtures scheduled with one match for each club. The last match in Week 32 is scheduled for Monday night, so we should have the web sites updated shortly after the final whistle at Watford. This means the Week 32 web log will be published at the expected time, late on Wednesday 3rd May. In next Week’s web log we will complete our preview of the Golden Boot Cup Final as well as keeping you abreast of all the latest from the Golden Boot game and the Final Five game.

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