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Week #22 - 'Cheshire Town' Increase Lead With Week's Best

Published: 7 February 2019


The race to be the first Golden Boot Game team to reach a hundred goals this season took an interesting turn on Saturday as league leaders Cheshire Town closed the gap to leading goal scorers M1. Both teams were on 99 goals by the end of Saturday’s Premier League matches and reached the hundred mark together when Aguero scored his first on Sunday afternoon. Like many of these meaningless competitions there is an obscure tie-breaker which nobody knows about. Where two teams reach the hundred mark together, the team that has amassed most points from their hundred goals is the winner. This means that Cheshire Town take the plaudits (and only the plaudits) as first team to a hundred goals this season.


Aguero’s hat-trick accounted for almost half of the Week #22 points scored in the Golden Boot Game. Doubles for the Chelsea pair of Hazard and Higuain together with half a dozen single goal contributions helped push the Week’s average score up to 27.6 and ensured that every team scored at least once. Cheshire Town were the Week’s leading scorers with 46 points from nine goals, they were also one of only two teams to have five scorers in their line up although the other Mixmix could only manage 37 points. Two other teams beat the forty point mark with eight goals from four scorers, Magic Eight Balls getting 45 points one better than Uttley Allstars. Eight Wizards were able to turn their seven goals into exactly forty points but the Week’s most remarkable performance came from All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe who had only two scorers but got a maximum return of 38 points from them.

As the Week’s top scorers league leaders Cheshire Town inevitably increased their lead and now sit some twenty points ahead of M1 in second place. Five points further back come Uttley Allstars and fdringo on equal points with the former leading by virtue of a single goal. All the top four have now reached the hundred goals mark and have over five hundred points on the board. The only other team within fifty points of top spot at the moment is Magic Eight Balls and, while there is still a long way to go, I would expect the prizes to go to two of these five teams at the end of the season. I might even start referring to them as the ‘big five’.


The draw for the semi-finals of the the Golden Boot Cup sponsored by Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven, Cornwall took place this Week. In the order that they were drawn the ties are:-
- J1 versus Lancashire Rover
- fdringo versus M1
The ties will be played in Week #25, the first Week in March with any replays taking place the following Week. It looks like we will have two highly competitive semi-final ties.


There were eight teams who added three gold medals to their total in Week #22 but only All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe were able to add two further medals, both silvers. Only one of last Week’s leading group was among the teams with three golds which means fdringo have opened up a considerable gap at the top as we reach the crucial part of the Medals Table Game. Three golds and a silver has pushed league leaders Cheshire Town up to second place on eight golds, two behind the leaders. Mixmix also have eight golds after adding a gold and two silvers this Week but they would need more than just the two golds to overtake fdringo. There could, of course, be a hat-trick in the final Week of the contest which could bring some of the six teams on seven goals into the mix. Magic Eight Balls and Uttley Allstars look to be the best placed out of those teams as they already have more silver medals than the leaders. The Premier League record for goals scored by a striker in a single game is five. I mention this because it may bring some hope to donnyvegas, the team with most overall medals so far, as they reflect on their ten silvers or even BF Giants as they contemplate their ten bronzes.


Week #23 is a normal Golden Boot Game Week with all twenty Premier League clubs scheduled to play one fixture meaning we have ten matches in total. The Week’s fixtures start with a Saturday lunchtime match between Fulham and Man Utd which means the selection deadline is at the usual time of 11:00 am on 9th February. The final scheduled fixture for Week #23 is on Monday night between Wolves and Newcastle. We will be updating our web sites shortly after the final whistle at Molineux. We should be able to announce the winner of the Medals Table Game once the updates are completed and would expect to contact the winner on Tuesday 12th February. We will be publishing our next web log late on Wednesday 13th February. As well as news of how the Medals Table Game was won we will have the usual updates from the Golden Boot Game and look forward to our next Hot Spot Game.

Player Comments on the Blog


at: 11:10 on 8 February 2019

Forgot to mention that Week #23 is a normal Week except for the fact that it lasts for two calendar weeks. FA Cup takes over again for weekend of 16th Feb. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

From: Cheshire Town

at: 15:55 on 8 February 2019

Great article as usual. Happy to share the "plaudits" with M1 because we both crossed the 100 goal mark at the same moment. YNWA

From: M1

at: 14:17 on 10 February 2019

One milestone stat the controller forgot to mention in this weeks blog was that the top four all broke the 500 points marker this week. Outstanding week for Cheshire Town all round and still going at a great pace!!!!

From: Cheshire Town

at: 19:42 on 10 February 2019

Not a bad week for yourselves M1 for week 23. Also congratulations to fdringo on hot spot win YNWA

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