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Week 11 - fdringo Win Again After Five Lean Years

Published: 8 November 2017


We need to start this Week by congratulating fdringo on their victory in our second Hot Spot game of the season. It is five years since they won their only other Golden Boot game prize which was also in the second Hot Spot game of the season. This time they took control in the fourth Week of the contest and kept a healthy lead from that point on, finally completing victory by an eight point margin. In the final Week none of their closest rivals could match fdringo’s score of 21 points while those teams that did better this score started from too far back in the pack to land a telling blow. Quite simply fdringo were the best team over the six Weeks of the contest as evidenced by their total of seventeen qualifying goals, more than any other team could match. I suppose that winning again after a five year break shows that you should never give up trying because you always have a chance in every one of our Hot Spot games each season. Even though you might have struggled in the previous game, the next one could still go your way. So, there was no final Week excitement in this season’s Keirin game in spite of the rules being designed to contrive one. It is hard to think how the rules of any game could be more contrived. Every season we try to explain them and every season we end up tying ourselves in knots, logically speaking. It might just be better for our mental health to go back to the drawing board and devise a new game with simpler rules for next season.


More goals for the top selections and more strikers contributing points this Week meant a much healthier average score of 15 points, though we still had one team who failed to find a goal. Four of our teams managed five goals with two from Salah and another three, without Salah, also had four different scorers. The Week’s top two teams both had five goals but while Mixmix got fourteen of their 29 points from Salah’s brace, Cheshire Town only got six of their 24 points from the Liverpool man. Overall, it was a very average Week and all the better for that after last Week’s scoring drought but it was so average that it’s difficult to pick out any real highlights. Perhaps Chimps gimps deserve a mention for posting the best score by a team without Salah, their four scorers putting them on 22 points, the third best score of the Week.

Posting the second best score of the Week propelled Cheshire Town into second place in the overall standings just six points behind leaders Bury Wanderer. Both these top two teams reached fifty goals for the season with the leaders having the advantage by two goals on 53. We are almost a third of the way through the season but it will be the middle third, with its four double game Weeks, that will hold the key to winning those Golden Boot game prizes. Even though the top four teams currently seem to have a bit of a cushion over the chasing pack, those gaps can be made to look very small once the busy Christmas period is complete. We are about to enter a very busy phase so make the most of this final international break of 2017.


We don’t have any Premier League matches now until 18th November because of the break for international matches. We will still be publishing our usual weekly blog, though, on Wednesday 15th November. Now that the Keirin game has ended we will be starting a new Hot Spot game in Week 12, the Medals Table game, and I will be explaining the rules of this game in our next blog. We will also reflect on the recent draw for the Golden Boot Cup sponsored by Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven, Cornwall and take a look at the prospects for Week 12 in the Golden Boot game overall competition.

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From: Cheshire Town

at: 16:52 on 14 November 2017

Hi Mr gringley, just reading daily mail and someone is asking why is the football team Sheffield Wednesday so called? So what is the answer? Regards Cheshire town

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