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Review Of 2016 - 2017 Season - Part One

Published: 31 May 2017


In our first blog since the end of the Golden Boot game season we will be looking back at the 2016 – 2017 season with the emphasis on the Golden Boot game itself. It proved to be a record breaking season with most of the records falling to eventual champions Magic Eight Balls. Their success takes their total to four championship victories equalling the record set by Spartak Gringley in 2014. Their three Hot Spot game victories was also a record for a single season and took their all-time total to eleven well clear of Oxford Orange’s eight. They have now won sixteen Golden Boot game prizes in all, passing Spartak Gringley’s fourteen when they won their latest Hot Spot game. Their most impressive record of this record breaking season was their total of 892 points, some 38 points ahead of the previous best in a single season. We should, of course, also remember our other record breaker, Cheshire Town. Their new record of 179 goals in a season is a full 14 goals better than the previous best and equates to over five goals per Week. They surpassed the previous record in the penultimate Week of the season when they scored thirteen goals, the best in any Week this season. That same Week saw Partysanne Gringley set the best points score for any Week this season with 74. Comparing our latest season with the previous one, perhaps the most telling note is that the 684 points Bury Wanderer scored to win the title a year ago would not have got them a top twenty place this season. Whether goals scorers are getting easier to predict or we are just getting better at it, I will leave for you to decide.

SEASON 2016 - 2017 REVIEW

Looking back at the start of the season we had five different leaders of the Golden Boot game in the first five Weeks, none of whom would really threaten the top spot again. While nobody could really be surprised by Spartak Gringley leading after Week 3 or the previous season champions Bury Wanderer leading after Week 5; and while M1 leading after Week 1 was not really a surprise as they are a perfectly competent top ten team and it was the first Week; for both Trap ceam in Week 2 and Lallanas in Pyjamas in Week 4 it’s probably difficult for even their Coaches to recall those heady days. Trap ceam would go on to finish the season in 26th place with Lallanas in Pyjamas five places above them neither really threatened to take a Hot Spot game and both were beaten in their first outing in the Arrowvean Cottage Cup.

The final 30 Weeks of the season saw just three different leaders with donnyvegas taking over in Week 6 and becoming the first team to retain the lead in Week 7. Cheshire Town topped the table in Week 8 and held the lead for three Weeks before donnyvegas became the only team to regain the lead all season in Week 11, a lead they would hold for 20 long Weeks. From the moment they regained top spot, donnyvegas set about building their advantage which had reached a season high of 33 points after Week 15, the first double games Week. Although subsequently reduced into the twenties the lead would remain significant through the Winter and into Spring. Even as early as Week 17 the blog was pointing out that Cheshire Town, who were by now firmly established in second place, would not be able to close the gap at the current rate of progress.

Unfortunately, if the remaining 16 Weeks of the season follow the pattern of Week 19, Cheshire Town will be three points short of closing the gap, though Magic Eight Balls would win the title by the same margin.

This quote from the Week 19 blog back in January looks quite prophetic with hindsight but really it was based on simple arithmetic. From this point on though, it slowly became a three team race for the title with donnyvegas just doing enough to hold off Cheshire Town while Magic Eight Balls became an increasing threat to both. By Week 26 Magic Eight Balls had moved into second place but it would be another five Weeks before they took the lead which they would hold for the final five Weeks of the season, a lead they would eventually stretch to 23 points. Having lost the lead the previous Week, donnyvegas slipped back to third in Week 32 but they recovered in the final Week to snatch the second prize from Cheshire Town who just lost out through not showing enough faith in Kane. His eight goals in the final two Weeks could have yielded so much more than the 13 points they did for the third place team. Where there is triumph for some there must be defeat for others of course but fear not because, like all the best pundits, I can always tell you what you did wrong shortly after you do it.


Our next web log will be published on Wednesday 7th June. We will be taking a look back at how the Hot Spot games and the Golden Boot Cup were won and setting out some key dates for the 2017 – 2018 season. The Premier League will be releasing the fixtures for next season on 14th June, so before you know it we will be off again on another quest for glory in the Golden Boot game.

Player Comments on the Blog


at: 15:18 on 31 May 2017

A big thank you to everyone who played this season and to all those who didn't play but showed an interest in our game. It was not the best controlled season we have ever had with both Friday night matches and software upgrades demanded by our web hosting company throwing us off track at different times. We muddled through, however, and somehow got to the end on time and without mishap. We hope you will all be back next season when we will do it all again, only better.

From: Cheshire Town

at: 18:29 on 31 May 2017

Another great blog by the controller. Thanks for all your hard work in running the golden boot game. Congratulations to all the winners

From: M1

at: 22:26 on 31 May 2017

Ditto the above for such a fluent dissection on the route to the title race!!! Best regards to Cheshire Town on getting his hip sorted out for next season as I'm sure we are all looking forward to the kick off of another season of ups and downs in our Golden Boot Game.... One thought for the controller to ponder on... Should we think about the cup starting early and having a group stage for the first few weeks, so that we don't have teams going out on a knock out basis so early????

From: Magic Eight Balls

at: 12:43 on 4 June 2017

A huge thank you Controller. Thanks for providing the game for us and running it so well. Thanks for all the weekly blogs. Congrats to all the prize winners. See you next season! :)

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