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Week 27 - Brickbat for Controller & Bouquet for Lukaku Again

Published: 22 March 2017


For the second blog in a row I must start this week by thanking the Coach of M1 for taking the time to point out our mistakes. Unfortunately, we fell into one of those traps that catches out human brains most often. Having made a factual error in the text in Week 26 we checked and double checked all facts for Week 27. Unfortunately, we were so keen not to make a similar type of error for a second Week that we failed to check the presentation sufficiently and ended up making a completely different, but equally confusing, type of error. You will have to take my word for this but the team names M1 and J1 were present in the 'Cup Replay' paragraph. It was just that an error in the mark-up meant they could not be displayed. The error in question had been made in the first mention of J1 and carefully copied for all other team name mentions throughout the rest of the paragraph. It is my sincere hope that, when you come to read this Week’s blog, not only will the content be correct but you will also be able to see it is correct.


A full set of Premier League fixtures afforded strikers from many more teams the opportunity to score this Week. Despite this Lukaku had an even bigger influence on Golden Boot game scoring than he had in Week 26. In Week 27 he was responsible for over fifty per cent of the scoring while Aguero and Sanchez together supplied more than thirty per cent in addition. The popularity of these three strikers meant that the average score was reasonably high but the top scores were all very close as teams looked to the eight other scoring strikers to give their score a marginal boost. The best goal return this Week was six from five strikers and this was enough to give Partysanne Gringley the Week’s best points total of 32. For local rivals Spartak Gringley, however, a similar six goals brought only 22 points from their five scorers. Away from the strange world ‘on the Hill’, the other teams to break the thirty point mark, donnyvegas (31) and M1 (30), did it with just four scoring strikers, though, as with so many teams, more than half their points came from one striker (Lukaku). Interesting to see M1 and Partysanne Gringley doing much better now that they are concentrating all their efforts on the league.

There was no movement in the top eight positions of the overall classification which means that donnyvegas continue to lead the way. Magic Eight Balls are now four points behind the leaders with a similar gap back to third placed Cheshire Town. J1 in fourth place failed to keep up with the pace set by the teams above them, though, and slipped back to sit 21 points behind donnyvegas. In a few Weeks such slip-ups will be more costly but with eight Weeks to go there is still time to recover and get back in the race for those top two prizes.


Both last Week’s top two, Magic Eight Balls and Eight Wizards, scored four goals in Week 27 to keep themselves in those same positions for another Week. Behind them in third place BF Giants scored five goals to take closer order and move ahead of Pointes High School Marksmen who could only match the leaders. In terms of game Weeks we are now half way through this Hot Spot Game but there are still at least forty matches to be played after we return from the international break at the start of April. This is especially good news for teams like KPs Nuts and Arsenal de Brooklyn who have been improving each Week but I think Arsenal de Brooklyn especially will have to improve more rapidly if they are to win the prize.


With no Premier League matches scheduled for the rest of March we now have some time to upgrade the goaldenboot web site before the deadline of April 1st. We have already started this process and, judging by our upgrade of the goldenbootgame web site last month, this should be over and done with before our next blog is published on Wednesday 29th March. During the upgrade process the goaldenboot site should largely remain usable but there are bound to be periods when some features do not work correctly or do not work at all. Throughout the upgrade you will be able to use our goldenbootgame web site for all Golden Boot game functions and this will be linked to from the home page of the goaldenboot site. We will have a report on our progress in next week’s web log as well as noting any significant changes in functionality or process (there shouldn’t be any). Also in next week’s blog we will be looking forward to a double set of Premier League fixtures in game Week 28. So, double the fun to look forward to.

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