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Quantum Accelerator All Set for Startup In Week 24

Published: 21 February 2018


Round 5 is the final round of the FA Cup this season that does not clash with Premier League fixtures on the same weekend. The next round takes place in Week 27 of the Golden Boot Game when the number of Premier League matches scheduled will be reduced because of FA Cup commitments. Currently half the matches originally scheduled for Week 27 have been postponed. It is possible that we will also lose the Tottenham match once their replay has been decided. This will leave the minimum of four Golden Boot Game fixtures in Week 27. The postponed fixtures will be arranged for a later date which means there will be game Weeks with extra matches towards the end of the season. Once we know which clubs have qualified for the FA Cup semi-finals there will be further postponements of Premier League fixtures affecting those clubs. Obviously we won’t know the matches involved until after Week 27 but it can’t involve more than another four Premier League fixtures being re-arranged before the end of the season. Luckily there is another blank week for the Premier League immediately after the Week 27 fixtures are played, this time for international matches to take place. This should give us plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments to the Golden Boot Game to ensure that all goals in re-arranged Premier League matches count in the Week that they are actually played in, rather than the Week for which they were originally scheduled.


Week 24 sees the start of a new Hot Spot Game, called the Quantum Accelerator Game, which will run for the next six game Weeks ending after all Premier League matches have been played in Week 29. The winners will definitely be known by 12th April and maybe a couple of days before but the final schedule of matches has not yet been published for April. Each of the six Weeks of the contest is assigned a quantum value. This value is used to determine the number of points assigned to each of your team’s goals in that Week. So we start, in Week 24, with a quantum value of one which means each goal your team scores counts one point regardless of which of your strikers scores it. In Week 25 the quantum value rises to two, so your team’s goals all count two points. The quantum value continues to rise in this way each Week until in Week 29, the final Week of the contest, it stands at six and each goal your team scores adds six points to your total (that’s the acceleration bit). The winner will be the team with most points at the end of the contest. It is easy to see that a goal in the final Week of the competition is worth six times what a goal in the first Week is worth. The idea is that we will have an exciting final Week finish with as many teams as possible still in with a chance.


There are only four teams left in our Cup and two of them are coached by people with Controller connections, so we will be concentrating on the other two who are drawn together in the semi-finals. Before that, though, we should remind everyone (or at least those still interested) that the semi-finals are to be played in Week 25 with any replays in Week 26; neatly sandwiched into the two normal Weeks between the EFL Cup Final in Week 24 and the next round of the FA Cup in Week 27. Mixmix are the new Cup favourites, having started out in Round 1 as one of the lowest ranked teams their form has improved steadily and they are now the highest ranked team left in the tournament in 19th place. That, though, is only part of the reason they are favourites as their Cup form has also improved through the rounds. Having scraped through a low scoring tie in Round 1 they have posted the best scores in every round since. In the semi-finals they are up against the second best ranked team remaining, KPs Nuts, who have been drawn as the away side in all four rounds. They have consistently come through ties against top, middle and lower ranked sides with solid performances in each round. They currently sit just two places and 19 points behind the favourites; close enough to take advantage of any slip up. Verdict: a close tie with Mixmix scraping through because they are better on 8-pointers.

PJ Auxerre are the lowest ranked side left in the contest, sitting in 23rd place in the overall classification. They seem to have reached this point by default almost, with a bye in Round 1 followed by their opponents posting the worst score in Round 2 and putting out a lower ranked side in Round 3. Their opponents, The Fast and Furious 8, while not exactly scoring heavily, have put out three higher ranked teams so far and shouldn’t have too much trouble against a team two places and 16 points below them. Verdict: PJ Auxerre’s selection policy will see them run out of luck at the penultimate hurdle.


Week 24 sees the EFL Cup Final clash with the Premier League fixture list. By some strange quirk of fate (or a complex Premier League conspiracy) the two teams that contest the final are also due to meet in the Premier League in the same week. This affects the timing of the final Premier League match this Week but before that we start with a perfectly normal Saturday morning selection deadline on 24th February at 11:00 am. There are the usual ten Premier League matches to be played in Week 24 with each club having one fixture to fulfil. The final match of the Week, the second meeting of Arsenal and Man City, is scheduled for Thursday 1st of March, which means we will not be able to update our web sites until after the final whistle at the Emirates. The knock on effect from this is that our next web log will be published on Friday 2nd March. We would hope to have it available by lunchtime but that will probably mean keeping our thoughts on the first Week of the Quantum Accelerator Game and the 24th Week of the Golden Boot Game a little shorter than usual.

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