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Week #28 - Quantum Accelerator Climax, Cheshire Town Lead

Published: 4 April 2019


It occurs to me as we approach the final few Weeks of the Golden Boot Game season that, for the first time in several years, many of the top clubs are still involved in the search for European trophies and this may well have an effect on how they tackle Premier League matches. Most of the popular selections for Golden Boot Game teams play for the top six clubs of course and all those clubs are hoping to have busy schedules over the coming six Weeks. We have already seen a degree of squad rotation this Week and we can probably expect more in the future. We have started to see a new phenomenon, however, where teams get a couple of goals ahead early and then manage the game from then on, not necessarily looking to add to their score. This will obviously affect scoring in the Golden Boot Game if it becomes more prevalent. Rather than seeing Spurs winning 5 – nil with a Kane hat-trick we might well be looking at a two goal win with Kane substituted early after getting one of the goals. All this is going to make it harder to pick out which strikers will be scoring goals in the Premier League and therefore, potentially, scoring points in the Golden Boot Game. Just another thing to bear in mind when selecting your strikers in the coming Weeks.


There were fifteen Premier League matches in Week #28 and coincidentally fifteen strikers scored points for the Golden Boot Game. Of these scorers none bagged more than a single goal and only Aguero and Hazard were selected for more than a third of teams, some 64 per cent of all points coming from their goals. There were, however, enough scorers to ensure every team scored at least two goals boosting the average points score for the Week to 13.8. The current league leaders Cheshire Town were the only team with five scoring strikers for a Week’s high score of 21 points. Just a point behind were Real Muirfield whose twenty points came from just four goals, while M1 posted the Week’s third best score thanks to goals from their top two selections and two others.

As far as the overall classification goes Week #28 was very quiet with only six teams changing positions. None of these were in the top ten in the standings, though. The Week’s top scorers, Cheshire Town have obviously increased their lead but, thanks to M1’s good showing, only by a couple of points. A single eight point goal separates second from fourth placed Lancashire Rover with fdringo sandwiched in the middle seven points shy of a prize position. Another eight points back come Magic Eight Balls in fifth place, already some 53 points behind the leaders and twenty four ahead of the next team. With just six Weeks to go it looks like the prizes will be between these top five.


Their Week’s best goal tally, coupled with a quantum value of five points for every goal has propelled Cheshire Town to the top of the standings as we move into the final Week of the contest. With the quantum value set at six for the last Week only Porthleven Pirates OR are within a single goal of the leaders, maintaining their challenge with a four goal haul in Week #28. A two goal swing in the final Week would bring the next three teams into the reckoning Lancashire Rover, Vamos Unai and Mixmix. In the early days of this Hot Spot Game I always worked on a swing of two goals being the most that could be expected in the final Week, then a couple of seasons back a team snatched the prize with a late three goal swing. Eighteen points brings another four teams into the reckoning this season but it’s going to be a tough ask with only six Premier League fixtures to be played between now and the end of the contest on Monday April 8th.


As just mentioned there are only six Premier League fixtures scheduled in Week #29 but these are spread out over four days.. We start with a Friday night match between Southampton and Liverpool. This means the selection deadline will be 19:00 (7 pm) on Friday 5th April. As an added complication for our players who live overseas, the UK has moved its clocks forward one hour to British Summer Time (Daylight Saving Time) since the last selection deadline. Please remember to take this into account when making your selections. It is always later than you think. Saturday’s Premier League matches are Bournemouth v. Burnley, Huddersfield v. Leicester and Newcastle v. Crystal Palace while Sunday sees Everton play Arsenal. The final fixture in Week #29 takes place on Monday night when Chelsea host West Ham. We will have the web sites up to date shortly after the final whistle has sounded at Stamford Bridge. We hope to be able to announce the winner of the Quantum Accelerator Game on Monday night and would expect to contact the winner sometime on Tuesday regarding the prize. The next web log will be published at the normal time late on Wednesday 10th April. It will be reviewing how the Quantum Accelerator Game was won as well as giving you the usual news from the Golden Boot Game. We will also be looking at our last Hot Spot Game of the season which covers the final five game Weeks and is appropriately called the Final Five Game.

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