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Week 34 - Cheshire Town Score 13 To Set Goal Scoring Record

Published: 19 May 2017


Back in the halcyon days of the Golden Boot game when we had better prizes and more teams there was a team called siblu who dominated the 2011 – 2012 season setting a string of records on the way. While their team name was slightly dodgy, we wouldn’t have allowed ‘siblu is good’ (because Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven is the best place for holidays), their coach obviously knew a bit about strikers and set records for the number of points in a season, the number of goals in a season and the biggest winning margin. Moving on five years to the present and Cheshire Town have wiped one of these marks from the record books by posting 170 goals in a season with the power to add a few more in the final Week. I’m not sure if the Coach of siblu is still playing the Golden Boot game with some other team or even just keeping abreast of our game from the side-lines but I’m sure they would like to join the Controllers in congratulating Cheshire Town on setting this new record (while, at the same time, pointing out that they got a lot more points from their fewer goals).


It doesn’t always happen but when we get extra matches it does give the opportunity for extra goals and higher scoring. Week 34 certainly delivered on both fronts with every team scoring goals and an average score in the forties. Sixteen teams managed ten goals or more and the same number hit the fifty points mark (though not the same 16 teams) but no team could manage more than five scoring strikers. Cheshire Town fittingly managed most goals this Week with thirteen from five scorers but they only managed four points per goal. Partysanne Gringley, on the other hand, had only four scorers but all scored more than once to give them 74 points from twelve goals; that’s over six points per goal, greatly helped by having Kane in the 8-point spot. It now looks as though the Spurs striker will join the elite group of those who have retained the Golden Boot. Weekenders were the only team with Sanchez and Kane in the top two positions. With three other scorers they totalled twelve goals but missed out on the Week’s best score by having Sanchez in the 8-point spot. That decision to favour Arsenal over Spurs cost them two points leaving them with 73 (it was so nearly 75).

One of the problems for Cheshire Town was having Kane in the 2-point spot while leaders Magic Eight Balls got five points per Kane goal. So having closed the gap at the top to just one point by Thursday morning, they saw it stretch to thirteen in the final match of the Week. Although only getting a two point premium from Kane donnyvegas were able to close the gap to Cheshire Town from eleven points to just three in the final match, giving themselves a real chance of a prize. So, just two 8-point goals cover the top three going into the final Week of the season and, while we can’t expect such high scoring from just ten matches, bigger gaps have been closed in previous final Weeks. It is going to be two prize winners from three teams, though, so one team is bound to miss out. Leaders Magic Eight Balls are now just twelve points short of the record points total for a season currently held by siblu. There have been times this season when this record has looked there for the taking and times when it has looked out of reach but there is now a real possibility that whoever wins the title will set a new high score. The Week 34 goal glut has seen the number of teams with a century of goals reach 33, two more than last season. It looks like Always Winners will be the only one of the original starters to miss out this season. What’s in a name, eh?


While MANILA BLUES were able to re-open a gap on last Week’s joint leaders Spartak Gringley they were hit with the old one-two as Partysanne Gringley took over at the top with a seven point advantage after their Week’s high score. Weekenders have moved up to fourth place after their own exceptional Week and sit twelve points behind the leaders, showing that one Week can always make a difference in these Hot Spot games. The only other team with a realistic chance of taking the prize is S11 Yarra City Spartans. They would need an excellent final Week and for the teams above to slip up but it just might be their turn to score the big points. For Cheshire Town, who looked like they could bag a treble just a couple of Weeks ago, Week 34 was decisive in a bad way taking them out of contention in a second contest. They are still firmly in the race to be overall champions, though.


In the final Week of the 2016 – 2017 season all ten of the scheduled Premier League fixtures are played at the same time on Sunday 21st May. As in previous seasons of the Golden Boot game, the selection deadline is extended to midnight on Saturday for this final decisive Week. Once the final match of the season reaches its final whistle we will update the web sites with the Week 35 scorers. We will then know which teams are the champions and runners-up in the Golden Boot game as well as the winners of the Final Five Hot Spot game. We will need to do some checking of the results which means we will deal with the Final Five game winners first. By Sunday evening they should be confirmed and contacted regarding their prize. For the champions and runners-up in the Golden Boot game there will be a slightly longer wait until we can fully confirm the result. Assuming there are no problems we should be able to contact the main prize winners on Monday. We then just need to write next Week’s web log and the 2016 – 2017 season will be over. We expect to publish the final web log of the season sometime on Tuesday 23rd May.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: M1

at: 18:01 on 19 May 2017

Quite a week indeed!!! Next week I'm sure the comments will be full of praise for the league winner and the last spot prize winner. So this week is a good opportunity to thank our web log editor and controller for such an outstanding read each and every week of a long season of playing the Golden Boot. His assessments of pulling out facts like rabbits out of a hat (never rabbiting on too long thou...)is quite amazzzzzing.. All in all it's been a pleasure and magnificent season of playing the Golden Boot.. Many thanks you guys...

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