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Published: 5 July 2017


The first thing we need to do before any new Premier League season starts is to make sure everyone can sign up to play the Golden Boot game. Without this fundamental process there will be no Golden Boot game season and the controllers’ lives will become empty and meaningless (Ok. I mean even more empty and meaningless.). I am glad to say, however, that the registration process for the 2017 - 2018 season has not changed from the one used last season. You will, once again, be able to register the same team name as you used last season and the key to doing just that is to remember your team’s password from last season.


To register you will need to fill in two forms. On the first you need to enter your email address and a password. We ask you to repeat both of these in an attempt to make sure there are no keying errors but it doesn’t always work like that. It is not unknown for a player to end up with a mis-typed password which means they can’t get back into their team and the mis-typed email address is a regular problem. If the password is a problem you can always get a reminder sent to your registered email address but if the email address is wrong you will probably need to contact the controllers. It is worth pointing out that your password for the Golden Boot game is in no way secure. We have very basic security on our database and passwords are held there in plain text. Also, when we send a password reminder to you, it contains your full password in plain text. We strongly advise that your Golden Boot game password should not be the same as any password you use for secure internet services such as banking, credit cards, shopping etc. Our security lies in the fact that anyone who steals you Golden Boot game password can only change your fantasy football team. It is up to our players to make sure that is all they can do.


Having filled out the first form you then move on to the second form. Here you can enter your team name. If you have entered the same email address on Form 1 that you used last season the team name field will be pre-filled with the team name you used last season. You can change it to something new if you wish but should you choose to accept it you will need to provide the password you used last season to confirm your entitlement to that team name. Even if the password you provided in Form 1 is the same as you used last season you will still have to type it again, for a third time, to prove you are entitled to last season’s team name. If you have changed your email address since last season you will still be able to choose last season’s team name from a selection list. You will still need to provide last season’s password for that team name to prove you are entitled to use it. You can always choose a team name that was not used last season but it must be different, in some way, from any team name registered so far for the new season as well as all those used last season. PJ Auxerre 2 or even Magic 8 Balls would be different enough.

Do you want a reminder to change your team a couple of days before each selection deadline? If so, you need to select ‘Yes’ for this question. These emails do contain the time and date of the selection deadline in the email text. I mention this because certain teams had trouble with selection deadlines at times last season (you know who you are!). You can nominate a charity for the Golden Boot game to support in the 2017 – 2018 season. The charity we support will be chosen from the nominations we receive by a random draw. A charity which is nominated more than once will have more than one chance in the draw, so it is worth making a nomination each time even if you are registering several teams. Finally, players must tick the box to say they accept our terms and conditions each time they register a team and they will need to work out what colour the Golden Boot game is before a registration will be accepted. Like silence, it is golden (or just gold). This colour question is to deter malware programs from wasting our time. Unfortunately, these programs can’t tell the difference between a fantasy football game with no money and a multi-billion dollar bank, so they go around signing up for everything in the hope of finding security flaws they can exploit. This can waste a lot of our time so we waste a little of yours instead by asking a simple question that they can’t answer.


You will not actually be able to register teams for the 2017 – 2018 season of the Golden Boot game until 30th July 2017 but I wanted to get everything about registration in one place before we get to the more frantic period of pre-season. This means that news of any changes or improvements to the Golden Boot game for next season will be held over until our next web log which will be published on Wednesday 19th July 2017. After that blog we will revert to weekly blogs as we gear up for the start of the Premier League season on 12th August 2017.

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