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Week 6 - Chimps gimps Win Week and Grand Prix Game

Published: 20 September 2017


We need to start this Week by congratulating Chimps gimps on their victory in the Grand Prix game. There is a saying among the gambling fraternity that you should back the outsider in a three horse race and Chimps gimps were outsiders right up until the final minutes of the final match of the final Week of this contest. With the Week’s final match coming to its close sillstars were still holding on to the lead, not by their own performance, rather because their rivals were not doing enough to overtake them. That all changed with Lukaku’s goal which brought eight points to each of the three teams in contention. For sillstars it was not enough to move them into the points and it also left M1 tantalisingly short of the fifth place points they would need but those eight points were just enough to send Chimps gimps to the top of the Week’s scorers, gaining them the 75 points they needed to take victory. Overall it was a deserved victory with a win in Week 1 as well as the win in Week 5 and consistent points in the middle three Weeks to round off their scoring. No other team managed more than one podium finish coupled with points every Week and that ultimately made the difference.


For those teams that did not select Aguero, this Week would be a poor one as none would reach even twenty points against an average score of over 24. Only two teams had Aguero in the 8-point slot while four teams had seven goals from five scorers (which is pretty good in a Week where only six strikers provided points) but, as so often with the Golden Boot game, the top scorers fell into neither of these groups. Chimps gimps managed their 38 points from just six goals and were one of many teams with Lukaku in the 8-point position. Just a point behind were the only team with both seven goals and a 24 point Aguero, Baile Mhic an Aba. For Arsenal de Brooklyn there were goals for their top four selections but they had Aguero in the 2-point slot, had he been in any of those top four places they would have been the Week’s top team. Another in the long line of demonstrations that positioning is the crucial factor in Golden Boot game selections.

A bad Week for sillstars has enabled M1 to take over top spot in the overall classification. Chimps gimps have moved up to second place thanks to their Week’s best points score and sit just four points behind the new leaders. Eight points further back in third place sit donnyvegas at the head of eight teams who are covered by just five points. Exactly half our teams now have more than a hundred points while fourteen teams already have goals from every striker position.


The draw for the first round of the Golden Boot Cup sponsored by Arrowvean Cottage, Porthleven, Cornwall was made on Tuesday. The fourteen ties drawn are:-
Bury Wanderer v. Chimps gimps
Cheshire Town v. BF Giants
donnyvegas v. All New Goal Monkeys
Eight Wizards v. Arsenal de Brooklyn
fdringo v. Oxford Orange
Haxey Hoodlums v. J1
Inter Ma Lamb v. M1
londonlads v. Bhaile Mhic an Aba
MANILA BLUES v. Spartak Gringley
Partysanne Gringley v. Mixmix
sillstars v. Magic Eight Balls
Slumdog Mignolet v. KPs Nuts
Team Of The Weak v. Always Winners
The Fast and Furious 8 v. Lancashire Rover
PJ Auxerre and Something For The Weekend Sir both received a bye into round 2 where they will be joined by the winners of these fourteen ties to make sixteen teams in all. The round 1 ties are scheduled to be played in Week 9 (starts 20th October) with any replays taking place in Week 10. As there is a month for things to change between now and then, I don’t intend to comment on the draw until nearer the time.


With the Grand Prix game ending in Week 5 we start a new Hot Spot game in Week 6. The Keirin game ends after the last match of Week 11 which is currently scheduled for 5th November 2017. So it looks like someone will have an extra reason for letting off fireworks this year. The Keirin game is our most artificial Hot Spot game, hence the most difficult to explain. I like to think of the rules in two parts. The first part concerns the number of strikers who are eligible to score point each Week. In the first Week (Week 6) only 8-point and 7-point strikers can score, in Week 7 the 6-point striker is added to the list, the following Week the 5-point striker etc. until in Week 11 we throw in the final two strikers so that all eight selections can score. The second part is the number of points each striker scores each Week. Essentially the lowest ranked eligible striker gets 1 point per goal in any Week with subsequent strikers getting an extra point each time we move up the rankings. So, in Week 6 the 7-point striker is the lowest eligible and each goal he gets counts for one point, the 8-point striker’s goals then count two points each. By Week 10 the 3-point striker is the lowest ranked eligible striker scoring one point per goal meaning that the 8-point striker will get six points per goal. In the final Week with all strikers eligible the scoring is the same as in the Golden Boot game.


Week 6 is what we like to call a normal Week with a selection deadline on Saturday morning at 11:00 am. Each Premier League club has one fixture to fulfil during this Week making ten matches to be played in total. The final match is scheduled for Monday night and we will endeavour to have our websites up to date shortly after the final whistle at Arsenal. The next web log should be published on Wednesday 27th September.

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