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Week 29 - Magic Eight Balls & donnyvegas Extend Leads

Published: 12 April 2017


First up this Week I should thank the Coach of Partysanne Gringley for pointing out our omission of King’s goal in our first attempt to update the websites for Week 28. We still check all the goal scorers on the morning after the final match of each Week to check that no goals have been re-allocated but it is good to know that someone else is checking, too. Back in the days when the Golden Boot game first started the general consensus on dubious goals might not emerge until some hours after the final whistle. In those far off days it was quite a regular occurrence to find one morning newspaper giving a goal to the striker while another gave it as an own goal. These days almost everyone can instantly see multiple replays of a goal on their mobile device, so that goals are usually re-assigned before the match is finished, which means we very rarely need to re-check everything next day. Except that we obviously still do because we might have missed something (like a King goal). Of course, none of this has anything to do with the work of the Premier League’s Dubious Goals Panel. In general the Press Corps will give the benefit of the doubt to the striker if they can’t decide from the evidence. Some weeks later the heartless Dubious Goals Panel may re-assign it as an own goal but we at the Golden Boot game have no truck with such malarkey. Once we have assigned a goal and checked it the following day it remains like that in perpetuity. So any future action by the Dubious Goals Panel cannot affect your past scores in the Golden Boot game.


You certainly needed Lukaku in your team to get one of the top scores in Week 29 but you would also need to supplement his score with Aguero and/or Ibrahimovic. If you could add another couple of scorers (or just Son) to that you would definitely have the makings of a better than average Week. The top scoring teams this Week, those with scores in the thirties, took a variety of approaches to amassing their scores, from three scorers up to six. For the Week’s top scorers, The Happy Saturdays the key was goals from their top four selections, with a fifth striker also contributing they got 34 points from their six goals. PJ Auxerre matched this points total with contributions from just their top three strikers, 26 points coming from Son & Lukaku. In all, four teams had both two-goal strikers but only one, Ard Mhacha Abu, had Lukaku in the 8-point position, throwing in a couple of other scorers gave them a total of 31 points from six goals. The team with the most scoring strikers, though, were KPs Nuts who had seven goals from six strikers making up their 30 point total.

In the overall standings the top four places remained the same for another Week. Leaders donnyvegas were able to stretch their advantage over Magic Eight Balls to seven points thanks to their 32 point posting. Cheshire Town still sit ten points behind in third place, despite passing last season’s best for goals scored. With six Weeks to go they need just 23 more to break the record. Back in fourth place J1 are now over forty points behind the leaders but still not really under pressure from the chasing pack. It looks like the pattern of recent Weeks will need to be changed very soon if the prizes are not to go to two of the current top three.


Last Week’s runaway leaders Magic Eight Balls posted the joint best goals total for this Week to stretch their already considerable lead to six clear goals. Eight Wizards and Mixmix are still the closest challengers and they could easily be the teams who get seven or more goals in the final Week of the contest. However, Magic Eight Balls, themselves, also have the power to add to their tally, so it would take a wholly exceptional score by somebody to beat them from this position. Looking back through the records I can not see any season where one team has won three Hot Spot games and if you include their victory in last season’s Final Five game it will be four victories in a year - so much for spreading the prizes around. At this rate we might have to introduce a system where previous winners get a handicap for next season. Though, if memory serves me correctly, we tried this once before only for the team with the handicap to win anyway. Still, it’s not over ‘till it’s over, so we will be hoping for a Barcelona style comeback from one of the chasers, though I won’t be providing the dodgy officiating element – in this game rules is rules.


It may be Easter but Week 30 is just a normal Week in the Golden Boot game. The selection deadline is on Saturday 15th April at 11:00 am. There are ten Premier League fixtures scheduled, with each club playing one match. The final match is scheduled for Monday night and we will be updating our websites shortly after the final whistle at Middlesbrough. The winner of the Total Goals game should be informed some time on Tuesday 18th April and our next weblog will be published late on the following day. As well as the usual Golden Boot game news it will contain a review of how the Total Goals game was won and a preview of the Final Five game, the prestige Hot Spot game which starts in Week 31.

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