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Week #11 - Cup Holders Face Difficult First Round Tie

Published: 7 November 2018


With all the excitement of giving out a prize last Week we failed to pick up the discussion with M1 about limiting the number of times a striker might be selected during a Golden Boot Game season. It is reassuring that both sides of the discussion are in agreement on the maths. There is nothing worse than discussing something at cross purposes. We at Control do have a number of issues with the proposal by M1, some of which are far from straightforward to explain. At the moment an Aguero goal, even given his current favour, results in a spread of scores depending on the fixtures. Typically we might see six or seven teams get eight points, a similar number get seven and six points while a final group post lower scores with a couple of teams drawing a blank. If each team could only pick him three times through the season then surely every selection is going to be in the 8-point slot. Of course he doesn’t score every Week and sometimes he scores more than once but this all or nothing approach does seem like a different game. Teams would need to have some twelve 8-point strikers over the season meaning that the same effect might well also apply to Kane, Salah, Hazard, Aubameyang etc. The unique point about the Golden Boot Game is that position is the most important factor in selection. The M1 proposal seems to restrict the choice of position as much as it expands the choice of personnel, at least at the sharp end of selection.


Two goal contributions from Sterling, Morata and Richarlison, together with goals for Kane and Aguero, led to a high average score of almost 26 points in Week #11. There were more teams with two of these three double scorers than teams without any. The result of all this scoring was that every team posted at least two goals and nine teams had goals from five of their strikers. It was a team with just four scoring strikers that posted the Week’s top score, however, thanks to seven goals from their top four selections. Mixmix were the only team with all three of the two-goal men, between them contributing 36 of their 44 total points. The next five teams all had seven goals from five strikers but only Lancashire Rover had goals from their top four selections for the Week’s second best total of forty points. Team Of The Weak were the only team to select a two-goal striker (Sterling) in the 8-point slot but this was offset by having Richarlison in the 1-point slot, leaving them with just 28 points and that ‘what might have been’ feeling.

The top two teams were the only ones in the top fifteen to retain their positions in the overall classification. This Week Cheshire Town stretched their lead over M1 by a couple of points to thirteen. Lancashire Rover have moved up a couple of places to third just nine points shy of the prize placings and a couple ahead of Uttley Allstars who drop to fourth. Moving up to fifth, just two points further back come the always dangerous Magic Eight Balls.


The draw for the first round of the. Golden Boot Cup has given us the following ties:-
BF Giants v. Lancashire Rover
donnyvegas v. PJ Auxerre
Eight Wizards v. Bury Wanderer
Imperial booze boys v. Team Of The Weak
J1 v. Weakenders
Magic Eight Balls v. Vamos Unai
Mixmix v. Uttley Allstars
Oxford Orange v. londonlads
Real Muirfield v. Ard Mhacha Abu
Among the seven teams that have a bye into Round 2 are the top two sides in the overall standings leaving Lancashire Rover as the top team taking part in Round 1. Their tie also looks to be the most one sided, or the best opportunity for a giant killing if you prefer, with BF Giants some 113 points behind after just eleven Weeks. It would not be the first time BF Giants have pulled off a shock but this would match any of their previous ones. In contrast the closest match up is between Eight Wizards and Bury Wanderer who sit next to each other in mid-table with just six points between them. The only tie featuring two teams in the top ten sees Mixmix take on Uttley Allstars. The holders could hardly have picked a tougher draw but if both teams continue their form from this Week Mixmix will have a real chance of stretching their run of successful cup ties to six.


Plenty of goals in the first Week of the Total Goals Game is always a good thing and, thankfully, it seems to occur most of the time. The fact that every team scored a couple of goals means everybody feels involved while having six different totals gives some separation in the early Total Goals Game standings. One of the main differences between this game and the Grand Prix Game is immediately apparent in that this Week’s top scorers from the Golden Boot Game are just one of the eight teams leading the way on seven goals. As well as five of the top six in the overall classification, Mixmix, donnyvegas and All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe have a share of the lead at this early stage. There is plenty of time to go in this contest and it includes a double game Week at the beginning of December, so there is every opportunity to catch up for those below the eight joint leaders.


Another break for international matches means that Week #12 will last for two calendar weeks. It starts fairly normally, though, with the usual selection deadline at 11:00 am on Saturday 10th November prior to Cardiff taking on Brighton at lunchtime. There is one match for each of the twenty Premier League clubs making up ten fixtures in total. The final matches are on Sunday afternoon when Arsenal take on Wolves at the same time as City play United in the Manchester derby. We will be updating the web sites shortly after the final whistle at the Etihad or the Emirates, whichever is the later finish. The next web log will be published on Wednesday 14th November when we will be reviewing the ties from the First Round of the Golden Boot Cup and bringing you the rest of the news from the Golden Boot Game and the Total Goals Game.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: M1

at: 13:01 on 8 November 2018

Good point the controller raised in regards to my 3 striker only change of rule in this weeks web log! One way around keeping the order of selection a fundamental part of the game would be to limit a striker to be used in each position only once.. The headache of course for the controllers... Would be how they can set up the workings of a program that would highlight the strikers being selected more than once in a used position and alerting the managers during input? So the format I now suggest is that we would select 8 strikers in positions 8 - 1 only once.

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