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Week #19 - 'M1' Head Three Way Tie At The Top

Published: 16 January 2019


We are about half way through the January transfer window and so far there have been no movements which have affected any strikers on our selection list. The only two strikers we have lost so far appear to be the Tottenham duo of Kane and Son who are likely to be unavailable for the next few Weeks for different reasons. With the Cup quarter finals coming up next Week you will need to keep your wits about you to make sure no last minute moves go through before the selection deadline. I will also be interested to see how many of the twenty or so teams which currently have the Tottenham duo in their line up manage to change them in time for Week #20.


While I think everyone expected a quieter Week after the hectic two Weeks of the holiday period, I am not sure anyone expected it to be quite as uneventful as it was. Only five selected strikers made any kind of contribution to the Golden Boot Game scoring and four of those appeared in a total of only seven teams. Luckily Salah was selected by two thirds of our teams and his popularity meant he provided over eighty per cent of all points scored in Week #19. It is certainly down to his contribution that the average score reached five points and only five teams missed out on a goal. Just three teams scored more than a single goal; the Week’s top scorers Imperial Booze Boys adding two from Jesus to their 4-pointer from Salah to bring them up to ten points. Of the five teams on eight points only Porthleven Pirates OR had more than a single Salah goal, Rashford and Pedro making up their total. M1 were the other team with three goals but a minimum contribution from Jesus would only bring them up to seven points.

Sometimes in football you don’t need lots of goals to provide excitement and that was certainly the case in Week #19. I can never remember the top of the table being so close at any point in the second half of any season. Currently the top three teams are level on points with only goals scored separating them. Once again M1 have taken over the top spot by virtue of their season’s best ninety goals. Just three goals behind, last season’s champions fdringo have moved into second with last week’s leaders Cheshire Town dropping to third a further two goals back. Behind the top three there is a gap of eighteen points to Lancashire Rover, the only team in the top seven not to change position this Week (Just two teams outside the top seven swapped places). There’s still plenty of time for most teams to mount a challenge to the top three but we are already at the stage where that becomes harder with each passing Week. Especially if we have more Week’s like this one.


After such a low scoring Week very little has changed from what I said last Week. The big match between fdringo and Cheshire Town is now second versus third which means Vamos Unai are trying to overcome the leaders. If this is to be a shock it will be one of the biggest in the short history of the Cup. J1 and Real Muirfield both added an easy eight to their scores in Week #19, so no change there and Oxford Orange closed in on Lancashire Rover by a single point. None of that matters now because next Week we play these ties for real. Good luck to all involved.


Almost half our teams added a single medal to their totals in Week #19. The rest unfortunately remain as they were at the start of the Week. Four teams added a gold medal and for two of these, fdringo and Weakenders, this was enough to put them into the leading group with five gold medals. One of the four teams who added a silver medal this Week were donnyvegas and this proved just enough to keep them in the lead; although fdringo can match them for golds and silvers their haul of five bronzes is three better than the current champions. Bury Wanderer could only add a bronze medal this Week and slip from second to third though they are just one silver medal behind the leaders. Weakenders and Mixmix complete the group of teams with five golds, each having just one silver medal to their name. The other two teams with a gold medal this Week, J1 and Real Muirfield sit in a group of three teams with four golds, sandwiching RC Team. J1, with their haul of five silver medals, are just one gold from the top spot. We are now slightly over half way through this game in terms of Premier League matches. With four Weeks still to go, though, I don’t think anyone is out of it yet. Having said that, some are already playing catch-up and more Weeks like Week #19 will not help those teams.


Week #20 is another normal Week with a selection deadline at the usual time of 11:00 am on Saturday 19th January. There are ten Premier League fixtures to be played during the Week with each club having one match scheduled. The Saturday lunchtime match between Wolves and Leicester opens proceedings and the Week’s final match is between Fulham and Spurs on Sunday afternoon. We should have our web sites updated shortly after the final whistle at Fulham. Our next web log should be published on Wednesday 23rd January. We will have a round up of the quarter final ties in the Golden Boot Cup as well as the usual review of how the Premier League matches in Week #20 affected the Golden Boot Game and the Medals Table Game.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: M1

at: 18:16 on 20 January 2019

Great weekend in the cup and league for fdringo, well selected indeed….. Sorry to see the double go for Cheshire Town in their cup defeat.. But his team Liverpool go marching on..

From: Cheshire Town

at: 19:21 on 20 January 2019

Yes congratulations to fdringo and of course to M1 on their cup wins. Both of your team's look good for the double.YNWA

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