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Week 34 - 'fdringo' Are Crowned As Champions

Published: 16 May 2018


We need to start our final blog of the season by congratulating our new champions fdringo. In the end they were able to hang on to their lead comfortably without coming under serious pressure. They were convincingly the best team this season with the most goals scored and the most 8-point goals as well as the most points. For the second season in a row donnyvegas had to settle for second place and our runners-up prize. They had built up something of a cushion over recent Weeks and were able to extend their advantage again in Week 34. In the end their margin over the chasers was even greater than the champions winning margin. It is not often that we have had such dominance from both the champions and the runners up, so well done to the Coaches of both teams who really showed how to play the Golden Boot Game this season. Our last prize winner to be congratulated is the Coach of Team of the Weak who came from behind to win the Final Five Game with a final Week which saw them outscore the next best team by nine points and three clear goals. The Final Five Game does not require the season long consistency shown by our champions and runners-up but you need to be in contention throughout the first four Weeks if that final burst of brilliance is going to get you a victory.


The final day of the Premier League season saw four of our selected strikers score twice. These included the most popular selection of all, Harry Kane and fellow England international Jamie Vardy. The other two strikers who scored twice, Lanzini and Perez, found themselves contributing to just three teams. There were another twelve strikers who contributed points to the Golden Boot game from a single goal in Week 34, most notably that popular understudy Jesus and this season’s record breaking golden boot winner, Salah. With a total of sixteen strikers contributing, the average points score was just shy of fifteen. The Week’s top team, Team of the Weak, had seven scoring strikers (only Sterling missing out) with ten goals (no Lanzini) for a total of 44 points. The next best scoring team, Something For The Weekend Sir with 35 points, also had the second most scorers with six and the second most goals with seven.

We already know how it ended at the top of the overall standings but behind champions fdringo and runners-up donnyvegas it was pretty much all change in the top ten. Magic Eight Balls finished in third as Cheshire Town’s selection gamble fell at the first point and Something For The Weekend Sir moved up two places to fifth relegating Bury Wanderer and Lancashire Rover down a place for the second Week in a row. All that is very well, of course, but I know what you are really interested in is the battle for eighth place which has been so tight for the past few Weeks. This battle took an unexpected turn this Week because of the exceptional score by Team of the Weak. This saw them finish equal on points with BF Giants who held on to eighth only by the skin of their teeth and 5 goals. So, in the end, M1 missed out and dropped back to finish tenth overall.


It’s difficult to know what more Something For The Weekend Sir could be expected to do to hold on to the lead they had built up over the first four Weeks of the Final Five Game. Most of the time posting the second best score of the Week would have been enough to see them home. Nobody reckoned with the kind of Week that Team of the Weak delivered to take them from third place to first with room to spare. Team of the Weak were definitely the team of the Week and far from weak, thoroughly deserving their first victory in a Hot Spot Game. I only really have one criticism, which would have been the same whichever team from the top ten had won. If you can outscore everyone over the final five Weeks of the season, why couldn’t you put up more of a fight over the rest of it? It seems to me that we could have had a much more exciting end to the overall championship if the top three or four teams in the Final Five Game had got their act together just a few Weeks sooner. Or am I being too harsh?


The Premier League is over for another season and, with no more matches, the Golden Boot game can also take a break. Never fear though, both the Premier League and the Golden Boot game will be back in August ready for the new season. During the close season we will, in general, be blogging only every two weeks. This means our next blog will be published not next week but on Wednesday 30th May. Our next couple of blogs will be focussing on a review of the season just gone. Before we know it, though, the fixtures will be out for the 2018 – 2019 season and our blogs will start to focus on preparations for the new season. There is also the little matter of the World Cup in Russia, where I believe a number of Premier League strikers are likely to be involved. What I’m basically saying is it might be worth keeping in touch with us through the close season by reading our blogs even though the Golden Boot game is on hold. Now it just remains for me to thank everyone who played or just took an interest in the Golden Boot game this season and congratulate once again all our prize winners from the 2017 – 2018 season; most especially our champions fdringo.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Spartak Gringley

at: 12:59 on 18 May 2018

Thanks again to the controllers and the players. Well done Fdringo, you were worth every point this season.

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