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Week 28 - The One Where PJ Auxerre Hit Fifty Points

Published: 6 April 2017


The fixtures for Week 33 have now been adjusted for TV. For those who no longer have any direct involvement, Week 33 is the Week we have scheduled for the Golden Boot Cup final between first time finalists J1 and current Cup holders Cheshire Town. The fixture changes mean that the final will be starting with a Friday night match and, consequently, a Friday night selection deadline. The final match is currently scheduled for Monday night but there are still several Premier League matches to be rescheduled before the end of the season one or more of which could end up in Week 33. The TV companies have not yet decided on their matches in Week 34, which is the Week scheduled for a Cup Final replay, should it be required. At that time of the season they like to make their call as late as possible in the hope of showing a match that still means something at a time when an increasing number of issues are already settled.


By the half way stage of Week 28 Aguero's goal had pushed the average score into double figures and left only two teams without a goal. Trap ceam on 22 points were the best of three teams in the twenties, making it already a decent Week for scoring. Suddenly strikers were scoring their second goal in two matches; first Vardy, then Aguero, Benteke, Son and Walcott. These were joined by the Liverpool pair of Coutinho and Origi; and Hazard hit two in the same game to give us eight two goal strikers for the Week. The average score was now over 26 points and every team had scored. A quick check back showed that Origi had the April Fool joke on everyone as no team had selected him. In fact no team had more than three of the two goal men, so the dream of a double full house (72 points) was just a dream. One team, PJ Auxerre, did manage to get seven scorers, the only team with three two-goal men in their top four selections, adding goals from all their bottom four picks took them to ten goals and fifty points.

Hanging on to a slim two point lead at the Week's half way stage fdringo extended it to three in the second half. Magic Eight Balls still sit second ten points ahead of Cheshire Town in third, while a poor Week from J1 saw them fall away in fourth, now sitting 37 points behind the leaders with just seven Weeks left. Are we down to a three team race?


Their second Week of eight goals saw Magic Eight Balls take a four goal lead with just two Weeks of the contest to go. Their closest chasers are Mixmix and Eight Wizards while BF Giants and Lancashire Rover sit five goals back. In fairness to all these four teams they simply don't have the Hot Spot Game track record of the current leaders. We have seen already this season that a Hot Spot game isn't over till it's over but this game doesn't lend itself to late come backs the way some of the others do. We will see over the next two Weeks.


Week 29 is a normal Week. The selection deadline is on Saturday 8th April at 11:00 am. There are ten Premier League matches scheduled to be played, one for each club. The final match is to be played on Monday night and we should have the web sites updated shortly after the final whistle at Palace. The next web log will be published late on Wednesday 12th April. As well as the usual Golden Boot game news we will be looking forward to the final decisive Week of the Total Goals game.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: PJ Auxerre

at: 21:07 on 6 April 2017

Thank you to all for kind words about this Week's scoring. Sometimes the plan works. Our morning after checks found King at about the same time as 'Gringley' did, so all up to date now. It's the late nights!

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