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Week 4 - sillstars Still Lead but M1 Stay Close

Published: 13 September 2017


Those of you with an interest in our charitable efforts will see that the Controllers, family and friends have made a small donation to the Fragile X Society through our JustGiving page. We do this every season partly as payment for our participation in the Golden Boot game and partly to kick-start our fundraising efforts. Let me say straight away that the total number of teams with any connection to the Controllers has never exceeded five, though this has become a rather larger portion of the total than we would like in recent seasons. If any other players feel they would like to make a donation through our JustGiving page either because they feel a payment is justified for their participation in the Golden Boot game or simply for charitable reasons, just click on the link on our login page.


I’m not sure if any kind of break means that Premier League defenders forget how to do their job or if it is strikers remembering how to score that makes the difference. In either case Week 4 scoring was much more along the lines of Week 1 rather than the intervening Weeks. All of the top six selections hit the mark with Kane and Jesus striking twice. Every team had at least two scorers and a points score in double figures but with the average score in the thirties even eight goals from six strikers did not guarantee an above average Week. This Week it was all about where those two two-goal strikers were positioned in your team, though as the top two performers also had eight goals from six strikers with Bury Wanderer on 45 points getting the better of M1 by having Jesus and Kane in the second and third slot (for 26 points) rather than the third and fourth (22 points).

Despite not having eight goals, sillstars were able to match the score of M1 and so retain top spot in the overall classification for a third Week. In doing so they became the first team this season to hit the hundred points mark. Second placed M1 are now a full eight points ahead of Bury Wanderer, who jumped from half way to third place on the back of their winning Week. Their top goals total (twenty already) puts them ahead of Chimps gimps who have the same number of points in fourth.


With sillstars adding points for another third place to their already impressive tally, we are down to only three possible winners going into the final Week of our first Hot Spot game of the season. This Week’s second place finishers, M1, need to be in the top five next Week to have any chance but they will also need a poor Week from sillstars. There are a number of permutations but their best chance might be to win in Week 5 and have sillstars finish outside the top four. For the other team in the running, Chimps gimps it is more straightforward. They must win to have any chance of taking the title at all. They also need sillstars to finish 18th or lower with M1 outside the top five. It is still possible to have a three way tie for the title on 180 points which would give Chimps gimps victory as the only winners still in the running. For this Week’s winners Bury Wanderer, their victory came just too late as sillstars third podium finish (no other team has more than one) means that even consecutive victories would leave them four points behind the leader’s current total.


For the second time this season we have a Friday night selection deadline in Week 5. There are the usual ten Premier League fixtures with one match for each club but Bournemouth and Brighton have an early start. So, our selection deadline is 19:00 (7 pm) on Friday 15th September. I emphasise this mainly for those in different time zones such as Australia, Canada and Gringley on the Hill. The final match of Week 5 is on Sunday afternoon between Man Utd and Everton. We will have the web sites up to date shortly after the final whistle at Old Trafford. It will be immediately apparent who the winner of the Grand Prix Hot Spot game is but we will announce it on facebook and our web sites in any case. As there is no prize for this game we will not be disturbing the winner as they bask in the glory of their achievement. The other major event of Week 5 is the draw for the first round of the Golden Boot Cup which will take place on Tuesday 19th September. It looks like we will only have thirty teams taking part this season, so two teams will get a bye into round two. All thirty teams will go into the draw on Tuesday with 28 teams being drawn out into fourteen cup ties. The two teams left in the bag will be the two who go through to round two automatically. News of the draw will be availabe on our websites (see the Arrowvean Cottage Cup page) and we will publish it on facebook by about 16:00 on Tuesday. Our next web log will be published late on Wednesday 20th September with news of the Cup draw, the Grand Prix game winners, the Keirin Hot Spot game which starts in Week 6 and the usual update on the Golden Boot game standings.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Spartak Gringley

at: 9:09 on 16 September 2017

Good start to the week with a point from Jermain man.........

From: Bury Wanderer

at: 21:41 on 17 September 2017

not a bad finish as well mr gringley!!!!
Well done M1 top of the table, any comments??

From: Bury Wanderer

at: 18:35 on 19 September 2017

That is a tough draw against a team in top form best of luck to all in the cup

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