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Busy Month Ahead For Golden Boot Gamers

Published: 27 March 2019


By the time matches resume on Saturday 30th March we will have endured twelve blank days without a Premier League fixture. Fear not though, because in April we will never have to go more than three blank days in a row without that Premier League fix. As we all learnt in school there are thirty days in April and there are Premier League matches on 21 of them. It’s going to be a hectic time for the Golden Boot Game, so I trust everyone is getting plenty of rest during the break and is eager to throw themselves into the fray for the last few Weeks of the season.


As many of you will already know we have for some years now run two web sites for the Golden Boot Game, and At the end of this season we intend to give up our rights to the latter web site. There are two main reasons for this: to save money and because it seems excessive to continue with two websites for the game when we have so few players. This may make things more difficult in the future because we will lose our safety net. If one site is not functioning we can usually use the other one until the problem is fixed. With both versions of our interface on just one site it is likely that issues will affect them equally causing us to be completely out of action until the problems are fixed. While this is obviously a reduction in service, we have always relied on just one database between the two sites meaning that any problems in this area would take both sites off line. Thankfully, we have not had very many problems of this scope over the years and we will be keeping our fingers crossed that we don’t have problems in the future.

In preparation for us cutting back to a single web site at the end of this season we have copied the goldenbootgame site to the goaldenboot site. The new version of this site can be accessed using as the web address. I mention this because we are about to start making some technical changes to the goldenbootgame site and, as with all changes, this might result in the site having some problems. Should you find the goldenbootgame site unusable at its usual web address, you can still access the same functionality at the new address. Why, I hear you ask, are we making technical change on a site we are about to stop using? The idea is that we try out changes that will later be applied to the goaldenboot site while we still have the second site available. Once they are stable on the goldenbootgame site we will apply them to our original site safe in the knowledge that it will continue to work as designed. I should point out that none of the planned changes should affect the way you interact with the websites in any way. They are purely technical and designed to take advantage of efficiency upgrades and error corrections in the background software.


As we enter the final two Weeks of this contest many of you will be aware of the disparity in the number of fixtures scheduled in the remaining Weeks. Week #28 has a quantum value of five and fifteen Premier League matches while Week #29 has a quantum value of six and just six Premier League matches. A little elementary maths indicates that the penultimate Week of the Quantum Accelerator Game has over twice the points potential compared with the final Week. Well points potential is one thing and the reality of fantasy football is quite another. While there is little doubt that the eventual prize winners will need a good score from Week #28, it is still overwhelmingly likely that Week #29 will be decisive in determining the ultimate victors.


We return from the international break on 30th March with a Saturday lunchtime match between Fulham and Man City. This means the selection deadline will be at the normal time of 11:00 am on Saturday. As well as the normal ten Premier League fixtures played over the weekend there are an extra five fixtures scheduled to be played midweek in Week #28. This means that ten of our clubs will have two matches to play next Week while the other ten have the usual one match to fulfil. All the clubs with two matches to play have one home fixture and one away from home. These double match clubs are: Brighton, Cardiff, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Man City, Man Utd, Tottenham, Watford and Wolves. The final fixtures in Week #28 take place on Wednesday night when Stamford Bridge, The Etihad and White Hart Lane all host matches (no that’s right, there really is a match scheduled at White Hart Lane). We will have the web sites up to date shortly after the final whistles have sounded in these three matches. The Wednesday night matches mean the next web log will not be published until sometime on Thursday 4th April. It will have news of how the goals from those fifteen Premier League matches have affected the Golden Boot Game and how things stand going into the final Week of the Quantum Accelerator Game.

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