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Week 8 - Tight At The Top As M1 Are Joined By donnyvegas

Published: 18 October 2017


I am happy to say that we have now returned to Golden Boot game Head Office from where we should be able to provide a full service for the rest of the 2017 – 2018 season. After some initial difficulties in the early stages we managed to control things quite well from the other side of the world. We did begin to worry when we were without a fully functional internet connection for four days but as this coincided with international matches we had no Golden Boot game functions to perform during that period. In the end we were even, unexpectedly, able to get the Week 8 tables updated on our websites immediately after the final whistle at Leicester rather than waiting until we got back on Tuesday morning. We managed to use a rather dodgy internet connection for just long enough to make the necessary changes, enabling us to keep to our normal schedule for a Week with a final match on Monday evening.


Only one of the most fancied strikers scored in Week 8, Jesus being responsible for about 75 per cent of all points scored. Even though Gabbiadini and Abraham also scored two goals each they only had five selections between the pair. So the average score was down a just twelve points with three teams failing to score any goals at all. One team, PJ Auxerre, did manage to register six goals from four scorers but all the teams who scored over twenty points did so from five goals. Top scorers J1 got their 25 points from just three scorers while Inter Ma Lamb, just a point behind, were the second team to have four scorers. The third team with five goals were Lancashire Rover who couldn’t really capitalise on getting 16 points from Jesus as their other three goals were shared among their bottom pair of strikers and yielded up just five points.

The top of the table is quite congested at the moment with just four points separating the top four teams. M1 managed to cling on to top spot even though donnyvegas have now matched them for both points and goals. Bury Wanderer, who swapped places with donnyvegas, are just a point behind them while Cheshire Town in fourth are a further three points adrift. Currently J1 are the only team who are averaging more than one 8-point goal per Week, they have nine in total. As for goals scored, Bury Wanderer have a slight lead over last season’s record breakers, Cheshire Town. These are the only teams averaging more than five goals per Week so far this season.


Much of my analysis from last Week has stood the test of time despite the points and position changes as a result of the Week 8 scores. The tie between donnyvegas and All New Goal Monkeys now looks more in favour of the home side after a poor Week for the self-styled newcomers. The Eight Wizards versus Arsenal de Brooklyn now looks easily the tightest match up with both teams on the same number of points and goals. Slumdog Mignolet and KPs Nuts have almost swapped places as a result of Week 8 but the tie remains a close one to call and could need a replay to separate them. Such other movements as there were, have not really changed the nature of the other ties which basically fall into three categories; those where the teams are fairly closely matched, those where the teams are separated by a reasonable margin giving the higher team a distinct advantage and those where the teams are more than half the table apart where the top team can be expected to win but the lower team could cause a giant killing. Remember, you all need to have your teams in place by the Friday night deadline and good luck to all involved.


The Week’s high score in this game was eight points, achieved by five teams. For four of the teams; Eight Wizards, Lancashire Rover, MANILA BLUES and The Fast and Furious 8, it was a simple matter of doubling up with Jesus in their 8-point position. For J1 it took four goals to achieve the points with only six points from Jesus topped up with two from Abraham. The points for Lancashire Rover were enough to take them into the lead at the half way stage of the Keirin game. Their lead is just a single point from a gaggle of teams on sixteen points; Bury Wanderer, donnyvegas, FC Ryan Munich, Inter Ma Lamb and J1. Almost half the table is within five points of the lead, which is significant because in Week 9 a goal from your 8-point striker will score five points in this game. All the top five striker selections will be in play as we enter the second half of the contest with your fifth placed striker scoring one point per goal, going up in increments until your top striker gets those five points per goal. No action in this game yet for your bottom three selections but their time will come in the final two Weeks of the contest.


To start the Golden Boot Cup this season we have a Friday evening match, which means the Week 9 selection deadline will be 19:00 (7pm) on Friday 20th October. There are the usual ten Premier League fixtures with one match to be played for each club. The final match will be played at Wembley on Sunday afternoon, with our web sites being updated shortly after the final whistle in the Spurs v Liverpool match. The next web log will have full news of the Golden Boot Cup winners and losers and any replays that are needed as well as the usual reports from the Golden Boot game and the Keirin game.

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