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Week 17 - Bury Wanderer Win Final Prize of 2017

Published: 29 December 2017


After Week 16 a group of five leading teams had accrued five gold medals over the first five Weeks of the contest. In Week 17, the sixth Week of the contest, a completely different group of five teams each added six gold medals to their totals and one of these has won the prize. Four of the five teams who added six golds this Week finished the contest on ten golds, so it was the silver medals, largely accumulated before the final Week, which decided the contest in favour of Bury Wanderer. All New Goal Monkeys gave it their best shot in the final Week adding two silvers to their six golds but they had left themselves too much to do and couldn’t bridge the gap. Congratulations, then, to the Coach of Bury Wanderer on their team’s victory in this Hot Spot Game, their first for almost four years.


During the first 14 seasons of the Golden Boot Game we had only two scores of 80 points or more in a Week but this Week we doubled that number with leaders fdringo getting the second best ever Weekly score on 86 points and Baile Mhic an Aba getting the third with 82. There were so many goals in week 17 that the average score was over forty but, even so, no team had more than six goal scorers. Not surprisingly, Kane was the key to lots of goals with only three teams that selected him failing to reach ten while the best return for a team without him was nine. Having said that, there were teams without Kane who scored well above average, Mixmix had 49 points, while at least one team with thirteen goals had a below average score. In terms of goals fdringo had fifteen from their Week’s best six scorers but this is well shy of the all-time record of 19 goals in a Week from Lancashire Rover, which brought them a record 88 points five years ago.

Despite the heavy scoring in Week 17 the top three positions in the overall standings remain the same with the Week’s best performance by leaders fdringo extending their advantage over Bury Wanderer to 21 points. Bury Wanderer themselves had the fourth best score and thus extended the gap to third placed Cheshire Town to twenty points. The only other team within fifty points of the leaders are donnyvegas who moved up to fourth. In terms of the Golden Boot Game calendar we are exactly half way through the season with seventeen more Weeks to be played. It is relatively rare for teams leading at this stage to go on and win but it can happen and the chasers have it all to do in the second half.


The end of the Medals Table Game in Week 17 means we will be starting a new Hot Spot Game in Week 18. The Total Goals Game will run for six Weeks, ending after the final Premier League match in Week 23. This is currently scheduled for the evening of Monday 12th February. The team whose strikers score the most Premier League goals throughout the contest will win the prize. This is by far the easiest to understand of our Hot Spot Games, so I will refrain from further explanation. If you can understand the Golden Boot Game you won’t have any trouble with the Total Goals Game at all.


Week 18 is the Week when we take the great leap forward into 2018 but before that happens we have a normal Saturday morning selection deadline at 11:00 am. Each Premier League club has one home match and one away match in Week 18, making twenty fixtures in all. Because of FA Cup matches, Week 18 is one of those game Weeks that lasts for two calendar Weeks, ending on Thursday 11th January. However, the final scheduled fixture is between Spurs and West Ham on Thursday night, 4th January. We will update the web sites shortly after the final whistle at Wembley. The Thursday night finish means, once again, we will not be able to publish the next web log until sometime on Friday 5th January. As there are no matches for the following week we will not be rushing it. When it is published it will have news of the first Week of the Total Goals Game as well as all the usual updates from the Golden Boot Game. It just remains for me, on behalf of the Controllers, to wish you all a Happy New Year and the best of luck with your endeavours in 2018.

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