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Week #14 - fdringo Take Outright Lead In Total Goals Game

Published: 6 December 2018


In last Week’s blog I used a bit of journalistic licence (often shortened to press lies) when discussing the prospects for the cup tie between Porthleven Pirates OR and Cheshire Town. The plan was to build this up as an easy tie for the league leaders so that, in the event of an upset, I could sensationalise the result in a future blog. It seems from the comments on last Week’s blog that my carefully laid plan has been sussed out. Curses! I suppose I will just have to hope that the Pirates get crushed so that I can use my ‘I told you so’ copy instead.


The extra Premier League matches this Week did not help any of our top three selected strikers hit the target. Nevertheless there were four strikers who were able to get two goals over their two matches and thirteen other strikers who contributed points from a single strike. Kane’s double meant he was by far the biggest points contributor of the Week; even Aubameyang, Lacazette and Wilson combined could not match him. With so many strikers on target the average score was up there in the twenties and there was never much danger of any team failing to score. The Week’s top scorers were Ard Mhacha Abu with seven goals from five scorers for a total of forty points, thirty coming from Wilson and Lacazette. The other four teams with five scorers could not get the same sort of return from their two-goal men and returned scores in the twenties. Two of the teams with four scorers did also manage seven goals, however, with both Eight Wizards and Bury Wanderer bagging 32 points in the process.

Although the top two positions remain the same after Week #14 it suddenly looks a lot closer with Cheshire Town now just five points ahead of M1. The gap back to third has increased, however, as the chasers once again shuffled the pack; fdringo moving up to third, Magic Eight Balls up to fourth and Uttley Allstars up to fifth. Last Week’s third placed team, Lancashire Rover drop to sixth although they are level on points with the Allstars.


The two potential Round 2 giant killings are still very much on with Porthleven Pirates OR and RC Team still twenty places and over a hundred points behind their top two opponents. In contrast, despite Real Muirfield going up and Mixmix dropping down the table, they are actually closer in points terms, with just five separating them. The other ties are also more or less as reviewed last Week. Remember, should any be required, replays will take place the Week following the drawn tie, Week #16.


The three teams who jointly led the way last Week still occupy the top three slots but have separated from each other. Seven goal fdringo now have a one goal lead over Magic Eight Balls while M1 sit in a group of three, with donnyvegas and Eight Wizards, two goals behind the leaders. As a rule of thumb I always feel you need to be within five goals of the leaders with two Weeks to play to have a chance of winning this Hot Spot Game. This season that means fifteen teams are still very much in the running as we move into the penultimate Week of the contest. Those teams not in the top half dozen will have to outscore those at the top in both remaining Weeks, though. Can any team pull off such a shock?


We are back to normal in Week #15 with just the usual ten Premier League fixtures to be played and each club having just the one match to fit in. The Week starts with a Saturday lunchtime kick-off between Bournemouth and Liverpool which means the selection deadline will be at the usual time of 11:00 am on 8th December 2018. The Week’s Premier League fixtures end with a Monday night encounter between Everton and Watford so we will be updating the web sites shortly after the final whistle at Goodison. Next Week’s web log reverts to a Wednesday evening publishing slot on 12th December. In it we will be bringing you exciting news from Round 2 of the Golden Boot Cup sponsored by Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven, Cornwall as well as the usual updates from the Golden Boot Game and the penultimate Week of the Total Goals Game.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Cheshire Town

at: 13:36 on 6 December 2018

You are looking very dangerous M1 manager, in great form at the moment Another good performance from Porthleven Pirates you are looking good for that cup headline. Best of luck it. Ynwa

From: M1

at: 21:52 on 6 December 2018

All good runs must come to an end (unless you are Man City) Mr Cheshire Town, so I think my good run might fall flat this week and a cup shock is well on the cards for me!!! You should shade a win me thinks thou!!! But we all like cup shocks so good luck to both teams playing us big guns.....

From: Cheshire Town

at: 18:45 on 7 December 2018

Funny enough I agree about good runs and I have also a feeling my good run is due to end. As a liverpool fan I also hope man city's run is also due to end at Chelsea. Best of luck to all the teams playing in the cup. Do you think anyone else will talk to us? YNWA

From: M1

at: 19:23 on 7 December 2018

One word and it ends in O. Quiz of the week!

From: Cheshire Town

at: 11:26 on 8 December 2018

Could it be NO?

From: M1

at: 13:50 on 8 December 2018

That has put an end to that game then!!! Lets hope Mr Controller will dispatch a nice prize for you?

From: M1

at: 16:47 on 8 December 2018

Meanwhile the latest news on the street is will Cheshire Town draw M1 in the next round of the cup?... That's next weeks quiz set.... Looking forward to reading the Controllers headlines on the next web log!!!!!

From: Bury Wanderer

at: 22:10 on 9 December 2018

Thought I would join in the banter. Congrats fdringo on your cup win, well played hope you go on and win it

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