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We Choose This Season's Charity and Reschedule the Cup

Published: 6 September 2017


I need to start this week with an announcement. I shall be out of the UK from the last week in September until the middle of October. This covers the period from the selection deadline for Week 6, Week 7, the next international break in October and the significant part of Week 8. For much of this time I will be ten hours ahead of UK time which could affect the normal timings for web site updates, reminder emails etc. We will try to coordinate things so that timings stay as close as possible to our usual routine. Luckily, there are no Friday night deadlines, no midweek matches and no Golden Boot Cup ties during this period, so control of the Golden Boot game should be as straightforward as it ever can be.

We have been having some email problems of late with legitimate Golden Boot game emails being rejected and returned by some over-zealous spam filters. Most of the problems have now been resolved but there remains an intermittent issue with btinternet and btopenworld addresses. We are working to try to resolve all these issues but it is unlikely that we will be able to fully fix the problems until I am back in the country in October. We have been able to develop work around solutions in most cases, so none of our players should be adversely affected by these problems. The only thing that BT email users might notice is that they receive two selection reminders for some Weeks. If by any chance you are a player who is a BT email user and forget your password you might need to contact the Controllers directly or via the contact page on our own golden_boot btinternet address. You could also contact us via our facebook page but then everyone will be able to see that you have forgotten your password, which might lead to some unfriendly comments.


As we have fewer than 33 teams which are eligible for this season's Golden Boot cup competition, we will have no need for a preliminary round to get the numbers down to 32. In fact, as things currently stand, we would have two teams receiving a bye in the first round proper. I propose to make the draw for the first round on Tuesday 19th September being the last Tuesday before I leave the country. As there are two spare places in the draw, these will be allocated to the first two teams who sign up between now and midnight on Sunday 17th September as long as they are fully active and comply with all the appropriate rules by that time. The specified dates for the remaining five rounds of the Golden Boot Cup remain as advertised and these can be checked on our calendar page at any time. I must take this opportunity to thank our Cup sponsors, Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven, Cornwall for once again providing a prize for this season's cup winners. The prize may be small but we are offering precious little in return save for a web link and a few mentions on facebook.


There were some twenty nominations for fourteen different charities on this season's registration forms. The charity chosen at random to be our 2017 - 2018 partner is The Fragile X Society. This charity was nominated on more than one registration form but the particular nomination selected was that by Something For The Weekend Sir. As always, we will be attempting to raise £50.00 throughout the season and to get us off the mark the Controllers will be making a donation of £10.00 to cover those teams registered by themselves, their family and friends. We will ask all our prize winners to make a small donation from their winnings to our partner charity but as I always point out this is purely voluntary and not making a donation will not affect your standing in the Golden Boot game in any way.


We return from the international break with a normal Week for the Golden Boot game. Each of the twenty Premier League clubs has one fixture in Week 4 making ten matches in all to be played. The selection deadline is 11:00 am on Saturday 9th September and the final match will be played on Monday evening between West Ham and Huddersfield (I believe the Olympic Stadium is now ready to host football matches again). We will have the web sites updated shortly after the final whistle in this last match and you can expect the next web log to be published on Wednesday 13th September.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Spartak Gringley

at: 11:08 on 11 September 2017

One of those weeks when you think you have done well until you see that everyone else did well if not better..........

Alistair, you wont always get away with forgetting to change the selections and still outscore me!!!

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