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Published: 29 March 2017


It seems that the Week 27 web log may have been published without any obvious factual or technical errors. It must be said, though, that this assessment is based on the lack of negative feedback we have received on it, which might in fact be due to either nobody reading it or nobody being able to understand it. Whatever the reason, though, we are counting it as progress in a positive direction.

Talking of positive progress, it does seem that the upgrade of the goaldenboot site has had a successful outcome. I would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and to thank all our players for their patience and understanding during the upgrade process. The testing we have been able to perform has not shown up any problems, so far. However, the first real test will come in Week 28 as players go through the process of selecting their strikers, checking their scores and looking at their rivals’ teams. Frankly you shouldn’t notice any difference to the Golden Boot game as this was a technical upgrade but, as always in these circumstances, we ask you to let us know if anything looks odd or doesn’t work as you expect. Even if it is a small matter that doesn’t stop you using the site, you should let us know because it may hide a bigger problem that will appear at some inconvenient time in the future. If you are unable to use the goaldenboot site you should still be able to manage you team using the goldenbootgame site but please tell us if this happens so that we can fix the problem and get both sites working properly.


As we return to action after the international break we move into the last quarter of the season; fractionally less in terms of game Weeks, fractionally more in terms of Premier League matches. Unlike the other three quarters of the season which have seen us hand out three prizes over four Hot Spot games, the final quarter is where the real action happens. It will see four more competitions decided and five prizes handed out. As well as two more Hot Spot game winners and the top two places in the overall classification, the winners of the Golden Boot Cup final will also be taking home a prize.

Projecting from the current positions in the overall classification it seems like the record for most goals in a season could still be beaten, though the record for points looks fairly safe. It looks likely that we will at least equal the number of teams who scored over 100 goals last season even though there are fewer teams taking part this season. The reason seems to be that more goals are being scored rather than a significant increase in our ability to pick the strikers who score them. Once again it is Cheshire Town and Bury Wanderer leading the way in the goal scoring with the latter looking likely to overtake last season’s best within a couple of Weeks. The Happy Saturdays stand just a Lukaku or Aguero hat-trick away from equalling the last season’s best haul of 8-point goals and with a double game Week coming up this could be the next milestone to go (other 8-point selections are available to the discerning Coach). Already we have more teams that have scored at least ten goals in all eight striker positions this season than in the whole of last season. There are currently seven teams with double digits throughout their team whereas last season saw only three.


Week 28 may only last for seven days but during that time each Premier League club will play two matches making a total of twenty. Strangely, each club will either play two home matches or two matches away from home. The selection deadline is on Saturday morning (1st April) at 11:00 am. For those players who are not in the UK it is worth remembering that daylight saving time has started since the last round of fixtures so we are now on British Summer Time. BST is one hour ahead of GMT which means that players in those regions which are still on the same time as in Week 27 will find the selection deadline is one hour earlier. The final matches of Week 28 are scheduled for Wednesday evening and we will endeavour to get the web sites up to date shortly after the final whistles have sounded at Anfield and Stamford Bridge. The next web log should be available sometime on Thursday 6th April. Luckily there should not be too much happening off the field next Week, so we can probably limit the blog to a round-up of the Week’s scoring in the Golden Boot game and the Total Goals Hot Spot game. For those addicted to Ibrahimovic, a striker who gets in the top five selections even in Weeks when he is banned, he will not be available for Saturday’s match but could play on Wednesday if selected. Kane, on the other hand, seems very unlikely to be fit for either of Tottenham’s away matches. Obviously the selection deadline for Week 28 falls on April Fool’s Day, so maybe it is a good Week for some joke selections especially as two matches in a Week may tempt Premier League clubs to rotate their squad giving those strikers who do not normally get time on the pitch a chance to score.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: M1

at: 8:58 on 30 March 2017

Looking at the league stats.... I wonder if we will ever see a team ending a season with the eight strikers in correct descending order of value? donnyvegas is very close.. Would make a good prize next season for trying to finish with your goals in the correct order!!! Just a thought to open this weeks comments..

From: M1

at: 22:06 on 5 April 2017

Just seen that the controller has posted an outstanding score for week 28!!! Almost a full house!!! Bulls eye indeed. Well played Mr Controller.

From: Partysanne Gringley

at: 8:17 on 6 April 2017

Well played PJ. Please can the Gringleys have their J King (Bournemouth) points added. We may need them in the battle for a top five position.

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