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Is It Time To Thank Your Lucky Stars?

Published: 21 November 2018


Over the few Weeks since the last international break there has been plenty of interesting discussion about how the Golden Boot Game might be improved. Over the past few seasons we have from time to time managed to attract more sign-ups, usually as a result of some free publicity. This has almost always resulted in us finishing the season with more registered players than we started with. The negative side of this is that we have retained very few of these players for the following season and, at the same time, we have seen a steady decline in the number of our longer term players who continue to sign up. While we have often cited a lack of prize funding as one of our problems I feel this is almost certainly a red herring.

I am sure many of you, like the Controllers, play other fantasy football games with large prize funds and a much larger number of teams. While it is nice to know that if you do win something in these games it will be a worthwhile prize, in truth you don’t stand much chance when you are up against a million or more other teams. In other words the vast majority of players are playing for fun rather than having a realistic hope of winning anything. So, the conclusion we can draw from the fact that people try our game and then give up on it is not that it doesn’t have a worthwhile prize but rather that it is not a very attractive game to play. There are several theories as to why that is, one of which is that although the game seems simple, once you start playing it you realise that it is rather more complicated. So, those who signed up for a simple game get something they didn’t bargain for.


Much of the recent discussion has centred on how to get a more diverse selection of strikers from the few teams that are currently playing the game. The coaches of both Cheshire Town and M1 have made contributions to this topic with some interesting ideas. The difficulty, I feel, is how to keep the essence of the Golden Boot Game and yet change it at the same time. One interesting idea from discussions among the Controllers is to keep the game as it is now but to add two additional selections or ‘Lucky Stars’. There would be some restriction on which strikers could be chosen as these Lucky Stars and the points scored for their goals would be outside the eight through one sequence of the usual selections. Among the ideas put forward for Lucky Stars have been that any striker selected can only be selected once by each team. This would mean that the popular selections would never appear in these positions but perhaps van Dijk, Pereyra, Alonso and others might find favour for one Week each season. An alternative suggestion was that the Controllers should pick two clubs each Week and one striker from each of these would make up the Lucky Stars. As an example, for Week #13 we might well go for Fulham and Burnley; clubs that are probably not featuring in most players selections but might well provide some goals.

The down side to the whole concept of Lucky Stars is that it is likely to reduce the number of strikers selected in positions one through eight. Currently many teams save one or two slots in their team for more speculative selections with the likes of Ings and Deulofeu among those attracting attention in Week #12. Under the Lucky Stars system the danger is that these forced speculative selections will mean all the other eight positions will go to the usual regular scorers. As regards points scoring for the Lucky Stars, it has been suggested that a team should receive four points for their first goal plus an extra point for each subsequent goal. So a hat-trick from one of your Lucky Stars would bring six points. It should be said that in most Weeks the Lucky Stars might well not affect the game as they would be, by definition, chosen from less regular scorers. At this stage these are just speculative proposals and all are subject to change. We would, of course, be interested in any thoughts you might have on this or any other subject.


The sixteen teams who are entered in the draw for Round 2 of the Golden Boot Cup sponsored by Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven, Cornwall are:-
1/ All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe 2/ Back to Back
3/ Bury Wanderer 4/ Cheshire Town
5/ donnyvegas 6/ fdringo
7/ J1 8/ Lancashire Rover
9/ M1 10/ Mixmix
11 Oxford Orange 12/ Porthleven Pirates OR
13/ RC Team 14/ Real Muirfield
15/ Team Of The Weak 16/ Vamos Unai
The draw will be made on Thursday 22nd November with the ties being played in Week #15 and any replays taking place in Week #16 which are the final two Weeks of the Total Goals Hot Spot Game and immediately precede the Christmas/New Year program. Busy times ahead.


The first Premier League matches after the international break will kick off at 15:00 (3 pm) on Saturday. This means the selection deadline has been extended until 14:00 (2 pm) on 24th November giving everyone some extra time to engage their Premier League brain again. There are the usual ten Premier League fixtures in Week #13 with each club playing one match. The final match this Week is scheduled for Monday night when Burnley take on Newcastle. We will be updating the web sites shortly after the final whistle at Turf Moor. The next web log will be published on Wednesday 28th November. It will have all the latest news from the Golden Boot Game and the Total Goals Game as well as a first look at the draw for the Second Round of the Golden Boot Cup.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: M1

at: 7:14 on 22 November 2018

An easy way to shake up the selections for more points would be after week one every time you select strikers you have not used before you get double points for that week on their score!!! This would tempt you to take more punts on the less used strikers... My son J1 told me last year he thought that anyone adding a new striker to the new striker list and selecting him should get a new striker bonus point. A good point I thought at the time! But I still think we should plod on as we are..

From: Cheshire Town

at: 15:06 on 24 November 2018

On my team sheet for week 14 it is showing deadline for 11.00 on 1/12/2018 but is there not a game on friday ,30/11/2018 which would make the deadline for 1900 that day? ,Maybe I am jumping the gun and if so I apologize


at: 12:39 on 25 November 2018

Thank you for letting us know. We had not picked up that the Cardiff match had been switched to Friday. I guess it is something to do with the midweek matches. All fixed now, hopefully.

From: M1

at: 0:47 on 27 November 2018

Good to see the new comments counter up and running!

From: Cheshire Town

at: 11:40 on 27 November 2018

Hi M1 yes good to see comments up need to get more teams joining in banter. I will start off by asking which team everyone supports and who do they think will win the premier League. My team is Liverpool my heart says they will win League but my head says city. Ynwa

From: M1

at: 14:40 on 27 November 2018

Hello Cheshire Town..... Liverpool look very strong in all departments and will challenge Man City all the way!!! But all the top 6 can pick points off each other as the season unfolds... Top 3 then looks like Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea in any order!!!! I am a neutral supporter who lives in Milton Keynes. I can see Cheshire Town and Liverpool doing the double this year...

From: Lancashire Rover

at: 16:12 on 27 November 2018

Hi M1,
Less stress being a neutral supporter. been a while since i was in milton keynes. I now live in Wilmslow so do not get to Anfield these days i was at wembley in 1965 when we won the fa cup for the first time and in Rome in 1977 when we won our first european cup.
Best of luck for the golden boot game, you are doing well YNWA

From: M1

at: 20:30 on 27 November 2018

Hello Lancashire Rover.... Just noticed I'm between two northern counties in the league, Cheshire & Lancashire... Oh dear I see my team slipping down south of the league soon... It's tough up north!!! I was lucky to see Brazil play Cameroon last week in the MK Dons stadium, so that made a change to see some big names in one game... I remember going into the cop end way back in 70's with traveling Chelsea supporters and we got chased out over the pitch up to the away end!!! Days of woollen scarfs and sheepskin coats!!!!

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