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Week #21 - Lead Changes Again With 'Cheshire Town' On Top

Published: 31 January 2019


As I write this the transfer window is starting to close. It seems that Niasse is no more popular among our players as a Cardiff striker than he was for Everton. He is still less popular than Morata who no longer graces the Premier League and even further behind Kane who remains the most popular selection from Spurs. Now, I don’t wish to criticise too much but given that you can make as many selection changes as you wish every Week I can’t think of any reason why you would keep a striker who will definitely not be playing (Kane, Alli, Morata) in your team. After all it is hard enough to pick scorers from those strikers who will definitely play. After the transfer window is closed we will try to make all confirmed changes to our strikers list as soon as we can. I’m not sure the fax machine running out of paper is a thing anymore (ask your parents) but some confirmations can be considerably delayed whether due to international clearance or other more obscure reasons. We will pick up any delayed moves as and when they are confirmed.


Unfortunately neither King nor Murray had any takers in Week #21 leaving Jimenez and Mitrovic as the only two-goal men providing points for the Golden Boot Game. In truth though, this pair’s total contribution was beaten by Aguero and both the Arsenal pair of Aubameyang and Lacazette. Another seven single goal strikers adding over a hundred points into the mix saw the Week’s average climb to 17 points with every team scoring at least once. Although three of our teams managed to find five scoring strikers, the top two points scorers had five goals from four scorers; londonlads outscoring Mixmix by 31 points to 28. Behind these came two of the teams with five scorers on 26 points, with Utley Allstars getting a Week's best six goals to five for Cheshire Town.

Those points for Cheshire Town were enough to propel them back into top spot with a seven point lead over M1 who remain in second. Last Week’s leaders fdringo have dropped to third place a further seven points back and just nine points ahead of Uttley Allstars who have moved up to fourth. It seems like there are more teams in contention now as the gaps between the top nine are all in single figures. Having said that though, Bury Wanderer in ninth are still over forty points behind the leaders. It now looks like M1 have the upper hand in the race to a hundred goals but a free scoring Week #22 could still see more than one team reach that mark. With seven matches scheduled for Saturday I would be surprised if M1 don’t make it before Groundhog Day is over.


The replay between Real Muirfield and J1 proved not to be as close as expected. In the end J1 won by twenty points to twelve, the biggest margin of victory in the four quarter-finals. Both teams had goals from Aguero and Aubameyang and a brace from their 1-point striker but a Richarlison 5-pointer added to J1’s three point lead to see them comfortably through. So, the numbers going into next Week’s draw for the semi-finals will be: (1) fdringo, (2) J1, (3) Lancashire Rover and (4) M1. We still have the prospect of a meeting between old rivals J1 and M1 to add extra interest to the Cup competition.


None of last Week’s top ten were among the eight teams who added a gold medal in Week #21, so the few changes within the top groups are due to differences in the minor medals won. Last Week’s leaders fdringo were unable to add anything to their tally leaving Bury Wanderer, who added silver and bronze, to take top spot by virtue of their six bronzes. Weakenders also added both a silver and a bronze to keep them ahead of Mixmix who added a silver and were the only team to add two bronzes. The Week’s best medal return was by londonlads who were the only team to get two silvers to which they added gold and bronze to give them four medals for the Week. Unfortunately that was their first gold medal but their total of eight silvers leaves on thinking “if only …”. So, once again the opportunity to make a significant impact with Jimenez or Mitrovic was spurned by our players leaving just two Weeks to make up ground on the leaders. My gut feeling is that those teams below half way may already have too much to do but this is the one Hot Spot Game where you can have a sudden reversal of fortune.


Week #22 has an extra fixture after Man City reached the EFL Cup Final and Everton exited the FA Cup. So, Everton will have two home matches and Man City one home match and one away match in Week #22 while the other eighteen clubs have the usual one match to fulfil. The selection deadline will be at the usual time of 11:00 am on Saturday 2nd February before Spurs and Newcastle open the Week’s fixtures in the lunchtime match. The final match will once again be on Wednesday evening when Everton take on Man City and we will be updating our websites shortly after the final whistle sounds at Goodison. The draw for the semi-finals of our own Golden Boot Cup will take place on Tuesday 5th February with first news being published on our websites and on Facebook. The next web log will, once again, be held over until Thursday 7th February. It will have the usual news of the Golden Boot Game and the build up to the final Week of the Medals Table Game as well as the draw for the semi-finals of the Golden Boot Cup sponsored by Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven, Cornwall.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: M1

at: 19:51 on 2 February 2019

Hey Mr Cheshire Town we are both now on 99 goals going into Sunday. I hope together we both reach that magic 100 goals for the season first!!! You are going great guns and your cup exit has been a springboard for making such a wonderful sprint to the top of the league!!! Happy to take my hat off to you and finish 2nd with maybe a lucky cup win as a bonus.... Good luck!!!

From: Cheshire Town

at: 18:23 on 3 February 2019

Hi manager M1, well we both have managed to reach the hundred goal mark but with aguereo scoring a hat trick (now scoring with his elbow) I think we will not be the only ones. I do not think the league will be decided by you and me because we both face competition from our fellow teams. Rooting for you in the cup, hope it is a family final YNWA

From: M1

at: 18:57 on 3 February 2019

Thanks for your support Cheshire Town. Of course any team within 20 points could make a bold challenge but with the pack all selecting the top guns each week it will be a tough effort to be the one that goes against the grain and plays the gamble Strikers... Good to see it going to the wire thou. Cheers!!!

From: Lancashire Rover

at: 23:02 on 3 February 2019

Hi, interesting comments, your comments M1 regarding playing gamble strikers, funny enough that is what I have started doing from last week. Not working out very well though.

From: M1

at: 18:52 on 4 February 2019

Hello Lancaster Rover! Stick with it and be bold.. At this time of the year some of the teams in the relegation battle put on a good escape run. Your team has a great chance in the cup because you are widening your selection very well, and if I draw you in the semi-finals I could not predict your likely top 3 selections... Thanks for your comment and good luck with your choice this week!!

From: Lancashire Rover

at: 22:20 on 4 February 2019

Hi, just for the record changing my system as cost me 18 points last week and so far this week 23 points totally of 41 points over two weeks . Moral do not change your system.

From: M1

at: 23:05 on 4 February 2019

You were very unlucky that Aguero scored a hat-trick and still has another game in hand... Always an error not filling ones boots with players from teams playing two games in a game week. All systems need a tweak from time to time.. I use a different system on cup weeks than the league. The cup is very much in your reach!

From: Lancashire Rover

at: 18:27 on 5 February 2019

,Hi M1, Thanks for your comments, I agree with you that systems should be tweaked and players playing twice, however all the years ,I have played golden boot I have always used the same system of picking teams rated 1 to 10 and using a top striker from each team. I once scored 88 points see the records using this system however it was a double week and a long time ago

From: M1

at: 22:42 on 5 February 2019

Just looking at the current table Lancashire Rover, I see you have the lowest 8 point strikers out of the top 13. So I guess that might be the weakness in your starting system this season (your change of system gave you 16 points from Hazzard this week, a good call).... But a cup win and top 5 finish would make a great season for your team.. All still to play for yet!!!

From: Lancashire Rover

at: 19:23 on 6 February 2019

Before i changed my system I decided I was to many points behind the top three so that is the reason I am going for differentials. Have you seen the cup draw? It could be a family final for you.

From: M1

at: 22:25 on 6 February 2019

That is a quite a draw!!!!!

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