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Week #30 - 'Lancashire Rover' Take Final Five Control

Published: 17 April 2019


Let’s start with the good news. We have successfully completed our changes to both our web sites. I say successfully but that is really for our players to judge. As you will remember the changes were required to take advantage of the latest versions of some of our background programs and did not affect anything you will see on your screen. Having said that, if you do notice any differences in anything, it would be a good idea to let us know as soon as you can. This is especially true if you find any functions that don’t work now. In our own testing the only issues we found were with the sign up process and we don’t actually get many sign ups at this time of the season. There is probably something we missed, though, and it would help a lot if you can let us know anything that you spot which looks different or odd on any of our web sites. Thank you.


Maura’s hat-trick had the biggest effect on scoring in the Golden Boot Game this Week even though only four teams had his name among their selections. Doubles for Sterling and Redmond had very different significance for our game with the former contributing most points by any striker in Week #30 and the latter contributing just two. There were seven other strikers who contributed a single goal with Salah’s strike being the only one this Week that affected more than half our teams. In fact Salah and Sterling were the only scorers to have more than single figures of selections. The average score for Week #30 was a respectable 13.3 points but once again one team were left without a goal. For the second Week running four scorers was the most for any team with two teams managing it this Week, one of them getting eight goals in the process. However, in the Golden Boot Game it is points that count and Lancashire Rover topped the Week’s scoring with only three scorers and six goals thanks to 24 points from Maura and fourteen from Sterling. With eight goals from four strikers Mixmix had the next best total of 32 points, their 21 from Maura being diluted by just six from Sterling and Redmond combined. RC Team were the other team with four scorers but with just five goals and four Sterling points their final total was just 21.

There was significant movement at the top of the overall classification in Week #30 with six of the top eight teams changing position. Leaders Cheshire Town did not feel the need to get involved, however, holding the gap at the top at 39 points, just two down on last Week. We now have a new team in the second prize position though and it is Lancashire Rover whose Week’s best score has taken them up from sixth spot last Week. The gap back to third place, still held by fdringo, is just four points and M1 have dropped from second to fourth though just two points further back. Despite dropping a place to fifth Magic Eight Balls are still very much in the running for a prize just eighteen points behind Lancashire Rover in second spot.. After a Week when one team has gained more than thirty points on most of their rivals at the top it is tempting to think that this can happen every Week. Then with some simple maths you can argue that some 120 or so points can be made up over a four Week stretch bringing Real Muirfield, down in eleventh, into the fight for the championship. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are vanishingly small and it would be cruel to get players hopes up on that basis. While it is quite possible that we will see another dominant performance before the end of the season it’s not going to happen every Week and it’s unlikely to be the same team. To put that another way, realistically the top five still have the prizes between them.


It is some eight seasons since Goal Monkeys of the Week, they were neither All New nor Deluxe in those days, effectively destroyed the Final Five Game by opening up a massive lead in the first Week of the contest. A lead that would ensure their ultimate victory come the end of the season. It has to be said that Lancashire Rover have not quite matched their total with their opening score of 41 points nor have they matched their lead which is a mere nine points over Mixmix. Where they do have a more significant advantage, though, is that the third placed team, Zvezda007 are already seventeen points adrift and whereas eight years ago it was arguably the most successful Golden Boot Game team, Spartak Gringley, who were attempting to close the gap, Mixmix don’t quite have the same pedigree. There are four Weeks still to go and the likes of Bury Wanderer and fdringo are towards the front of the chasing pack, so maybe it’s not all over yet. I said much the same back in 2011 though and I was wrong.


Week #31 is the final time this season that the selection deadline falls at the normal time at 11 am on Saturday morning, 20th April. Week #31 is, however, far from a normal Week as eight Premier League clubs have two fixtures to play while the remaining twelve clubs have the usual single fixture scheduled. Of the clubs with two matches only Wolves play twice at home while Brighton and Southampton have two away fixtures to fulfil. Five clubs play once at home and once away: Arsenal, Spurs, Watford and both Manchester clubs. In fact the final match scheduled in Week #31 is the Manchester derby and we will have our websites updated shortly after the final whistle at Old Trafford. The next web log will therefore be published slightly later than usual around lunchtime on Thursday 25th April. In it we will be looking forward to the final of the Golden Boot Cup between fdringo and Lancashire Rover and bringing you all the news from the Final Five Game and the Golden Boot Game, as usual.

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