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Week #34 - 'Cheshire Town' Are 2018/19 Season Champions

Published: 15 May 2019


First we must congratulate our end of season prize winners starting with the Coach of our new Golden Boot Game champions for season 2018 – 2019, Cheshire Town. They took control over the latter part of the season and never looked like relinquishing top spot over the final few Weeks. Like the title rivals in the Premier League itself, Cheshire Town never showed any sign of weakness that might have given hope to their rivals and ran out comfortable and worthy winners of this season’s Golden Boot Game.

We need to also congratulate the Coach of our second prize winners whose team, Lancashire Rover, took the runners up spot in the Golden Boot Game. A couple of exceptional Weeks had moved them up into second place in April and despite the best efforts of the chasing pack they were able to hold on to a narrow lead over their rivals to secure our second prize by a slender seven point margin.


Our third set of congratulations go to the Coach of Mixmix who won our last Hot Spot Game of the season, the Final Five Game. From the second Week of the contest this was obviously going to be a two horse race and it is a great credit to Mixmix that they were able to overcome a deficit at the start of Week #34 to come through and beat high flying Lancashire Rover to the prize. Crucially they scored two more goals over the five Weeks than the championship runners-up, leaving them with a two point victory. The Week #34 top scorers Back to Back were just too far back after the first four Weeks, their 32 points not even taking them into the top ten. The Week’s next best scorers Bury Wanderer and RC Team managed to halve the gap to the winners as they maintained their third and fourth place respectively. For them it was sadly a case of too little too late. We have had to wait until the final Hot Spot Game of the season for a team outside the top three in the overall classification to win one of our prizes. When you consider that Hot Spot Games are specifically designed to spread the prizes around and so keep teams outside the top echelon involved to the end of the season you could say we have both failed and ultimately succeeded this season.


Our final Week of the 2018 – 2019 season saw eleven strikers contributing points to the Golden Boot Game with three of them scoring twice. The top two selections, Aguero and Mane, both scored with the Liverpool man doubling up. The other major contributor was Aubameyang who also notched twice. The eight strikers who also contributed, including Batshuayi’s brace, accounted for less than fifteen per cent of the Week’s total points. Three quite popular scorers did push the Week’s average up to 17.2 points and only a single team failed to score in the final Week. There was also just one team, Back to Back, who were able to find five scorers among their selections and their seven goals and 32 points were also the best returns for Week #34. Bury Wanderer and RC Team had identical records from different selections in scoring 29 points from their five goals and three scorers.

Only one team of our original 25 starters failed to reach the hundred points mark for the season; the champions dominating this category by outscoring fdringo by ten goals as the only team to better 150 (159 in total). Fourth placed M1 were equally dominant in the 8-point goals category bettering fdringo by five goals with their total of 31. Runners up Lancashire Rover were the only team who had over half their goals from their top three selections and their average of 5.27 points per goal gave them the best return of all the top teams. And finally, a couple of oddities from the final table; donnyvegas had 32 7-point goals and while it wouldn’t have made any difference to their final position, it would have looked so much better in the 8-point column. Both Team Of The Weak and Vamos Unai had at least fourteen goals from every one of their eight positions but neither team could make the top twelve. Maybe they were playing a different game to the rest of us this season.


While it is far from exceptional for the Premier League’s Golden Boot to be shared, even by three strikers, I struggle to remember when two strikers from the same club have been involved. The number of possible permutations going into the last ten minutes of the season was incredible; could Aubameyang or Mane complete their hat-trick to take the prize? Could Salah add to his tally? Could Aguero notch a second to join the party? One thing was certain, none of them were being substituted no matter how much they deserved their own applause from the fans. In some ways it might have been better had Aguero scored again as I can’t remember a four way tie and I wonder how many Golden Boot trophies the Premier League had ready. When there is a tie for these trophies there is always someone coming up with a method of separating the joint winners. Number of assists has always been a favourite and on that basis Salah would retain the trophy. On the other hand, minutes played might be used and of the three Salah spent most time on the pitch with Aubameyang spending the least, playing the equivalent of four matches less than Mane and almost six fewer than Salah. While Salah and Aubameyang would have been among the favourites to win at the start of the season, I think you could have got a decent return by betting on Mane. Isn’t hindsight great?


There will be no web log next Week so you can expect the next news from the Golden Boot Game on Wednesday 29th May. We hope to tidy up all the loose ends from this season and have a brief review of how it unfolded. We will also take a look at the key dates in the build up to the start of next season. In the meantime, I would like to thank everyone who has played the Golden Boot Game this season for their support. I hope that we will see as many as possible of you back again when the new Premier League season starts for the seventeenth great season of the Golden Boot Game.

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