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Week #23 - 'fdringo' Take Back To Back Hot Spot Prizes

Published: 13 February 2019


We must start this Week by congratulating fdringo on their victory in this season’s Medals Table Game. The champions have now won the last two Hot Spot Games and both by a comfortable margin. In truth the hard work had been done before the final Week, first by staying with the leading pack through the early Weeks then opening a gap in the penultimate Week of the contest. That is not to belittle their performance in the final Week as they were one of only four teams to add five medals with one gold, three silvers and a bronze. The single gold being enough to see them home but the three silvers giving them an extra cushion in case any of the top ten teams had equalled their gold tally. Their closest rivals from last Week, Cheshire Town, also got five medals this Week but three of them were bronze so they fell back rather than closing the gap. This enabled Eight Wizards and M1, who both added three golds, to move into second and third spots with the latter posting the best return of the final Week with a silver and bronze as well. Having won four of the last eight Hot Spot Games and last season’s title, fdringo have been dominating the prizes in recent times. They are still very much in the Cup and the title race this season and there are two more Hot Spot Games yet to play. It is only a couple of seasons since Magic Eight Balls were showing a similar degree of domination and I’m sure they and others will want to have a big say in where the season’s remaining prizes end up.


I have long suspected that there are few people who ever read my blog. What I never expected to find, though, was that those who comment on it don’t actually read it. Now you might think this is a bold statement to make but I have hard evidence to back up my claim. In last Week’s blog I wrote the sentence ‘All the top four have now reached the hundred goals mark and have over five hundred points on the board.’. Some three days later the Coach of M1 posted the following comment ‘One milestone stat the controller forgot to mention in this weeks blog was that the top four all broke the 500 points marker this week. ‘. Now I don’t mind players pointing out my errors and omissions but only when I have made errors and omissions. For instance, had someone pointed out that on the Hall of Fame page on both web sites the word ‘Winnerss’ is consistently used to refer to the Cup winners from previous seasons, I would have to admit that it is all my fault. Just in case anybody reads this and wants to check up on me, I won’t fix this particular problem for a couple of weeks. Then I will.


For the second successive Week an Aguero hat-trick made him the most significant points provider for the Golden Boot Game. This Week, though, his influence was diluted by other significant contributions from most notably Salah and Mane for Liverpool plus Lacazette and Son. Doubles for Sterling and Pogba together with four other single goal contributions helped boost the average score to 27 points and once again every team scored points. The Week #23 top scorers were donnyvegas with 46 points from five scorers and eight goals. The only other team to reach forty points were M1 who had just six goals from four strikers but were one of just three teams with 24 Aguero points. Another of the 24 point teams were Eight Wizards who reached 37 points thanks to four other single goal contributions while the final one Back to Back had nothing to add to Aguero. Bury Wanderer posted the Week’s top goal tally with nine including contributions from Aguero. Sterling and Pogba. Their points total of 35 could have been so much better if they had placed those two goal contributions in their top three places rather than the bottom three.

Despite another excellent Week league leaders Cheshire Town actually had their lead trimmed slightly but remain a comfortable seventeen points ahead of M1 in second place. After matching the leaders point for point fdringo moved up to third place, now eight points behind M1 while Magic Eight Balls moved up to fourth a further seven points back. A poor Week for Uttley Allstars saw them drop a couple of places leaving them barely clinging on to a place in the ‘big five’. Looking at the top four teams we have last season’s champions fdringo and multiple champions Magic Eight Balls chasing former runners up Cheshire Town and M1 who have never won a major prize. It will be interesting to see if experience proves a factor as we get closer to the sharp end of the season.


There are no Premier League matches scheduled between now and 22nd February. This means the main event of the next week will be our next web log. That will contain our preview of the Golden Boot Cup semi-finals and a look at our new Hot Spot Game the so called Quantum Accelerator Game. The next web log will be published late on Wednesday 20th February. So you can all look forward to an exciting read over breakfast on Thursday morning.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: M1

at: 20:00 on 14 February 2019

Apologies to the controller for my honest mistake.....

From: Cheshire Town

at: 21:15 on 14 February 2019

Any consolation M1 I also missed or it did not register with me on the blog on 7/2 re the 500 marks YNWA

From: M1

at: 21:46 on 14 February 2019

That is very kind of you to say... Many thanks Cheshire Town... Me tinks I will go back to lying low for the rest of the season....

From: Cheshire Town

at: 22:21 on 14 February 2019

Probably, I like you was focused on the article referring to the first team to reach 100 goals Keep the banter up it is good to communicate. Having said that I must congratulate the controller on his blogs they are really excellent each week and good to read full of all information. I will miss this next season as this may be my last season playing the golden boot game YNWA

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