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We Play Catch Up During The International Break

Published: 17 October 2018


One of the key things we wanted to get done during this international break was to make our customary donation to this season’s partner charity via our Justgiving page. Normally we make a ten pound donation towards our target of fifty on the basis that we have five registered teams. This effectively means that we donate two pounds per team. Last season and this season, though, we have only had four teams registered but have continued to put in ten pounds because it is a round figure and we still have some hope that the some of the people who have dropped out might yet re-join, including our own relations. It does seem to be a forlorn hope, though. In previous seasons we have made the donation earlier in the season but the extended nature of our first Hot Spot Game has made it less urgent and enabled us to utilise the convenience of the international breaks to carry out admin tasks that would have been more pressing in prior seasons. You can confirm that we made this donation by following the link from our login page to our Justgiving page. While there you might like to make your own donation. Of course, we do not require or even expect any other players to make a charitable donation simply for registering their teams but if you are thinking of making a small donation to Cancer Research UK, making it via our Justgiving page would kill two birds with one stone (metaphorically speaking).

The other major thing we wanted to do during this break in our normal routine concerned the future direction of the Golden Boot Game. It is true to say we still don’t know where we are heading, so we can’t possibly know how to get there but I think we do now know where we are starting from. Most importantly we now know that both our web site domains need to be renewed at the end of the current season. What this means is that our licences to use and will expire after this season ends unless we pay to extend them. I think it is pretty obvious to everyone that having two web sites to serve the needs of fewer than twenty users is excessive. It seems inevitable, then, that at least one of these licences will not be renewed. It is certainly true that we would be able to provide everything we currently have on both sites, from a single site. It would almost certainly reduce the amount of duplication we currently have, too. Until we decide where we are going, however, we can’t say which site, if any, will be renewed. Which brings us to the question: what are we trying to achieve? The original Golden Boot Game was built for about five thousand teams to play but we now need a game more suited to fifty. For some years it has been difficult to justify the current level of infrastructure behind the game. Each time we have weighed the pros and cons the balance has tipped more and more against the status quo. Even though we have used the charitable donations as mitigation (I want to say justification but that’s stretching it a bit) we haven’t really ever had enough on the positive side of the argument. In the end what we now need is an easy to operate low maintenance infrastructure that delivers most of the current functionality for about fifty teams. It may be that we will lose some flexibility along the way; by which I mean we might not be able to have the Week’s scores and tables immediately after the final match is played. We might have to wait until the next day, perhaps. Rest assured, though, that it is our intention to continue the game into next season and beyond in a form that is recognisably similar to what we have now.


We return from the international break with a normal Week for the Golden Boot Game. For a start it lasts for just seven days and the first match is a Saturday lunchtime kick-off between Chelsea and Man Utd. This means, of course, that the deadline for selections will be at the normal time of 11::00 am on Saturday 20th October. There are ten Premier League fixtures to be played in Week #9 with each club having one match. The final match of the Week is scheduled for Monday night when Arsenal take on Leicester City. We will have our web sites up to date shortly after the final whistle at the Emirates. The next web log will be published on Wednesday 24th October. It will include news of actual goals scored and points won in the Golden Boot Game. More importantly, it will let you know which teams still have a chance to win our first Hot Spot Game of the season (and its associated prize) going in to the final Week.

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