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Transfer Window Notes and Quarter Finals Preview

Published: 10 January 2018


The Premier League transfer window is currently open and will remain so until the end of January. It is always good to be prepared so I will explain how we treat strikers who change clubs during the transfer window. First we will look at those strikers who are already registered with the Golden Boot Game, all of whom have been selected by at least one player and all but two of whom (Zlatan and Sanches of Swansea) have scored in the game this season. There are two possibilities when a registered player moves, he could move to a club outside the Premier League or to another Premier League club. When a player (say Coutinho) moves outside the Premier League he is removed from the list of registered strikers and can no longer be added to your team. Those who already have him in their team will not notice a change and if they do not replace him he will remain in their team taking up a position but never scoring. For those strikers who move to other Premier League clubs (say Sturridge to Newcastle) we simply change their club. If you pick him as a Liverpool player and he subsequently scores for Newcastle you still get the goals and points for your team. Equally, if the deal falls through and he comes on to score for Liverpool your team still gets the points. He just needs to get fit, get on the pitch for somebody and score – simple really.

I think it is still a unique feature of the Golden Boot Game that we allow our players to enter the name of any player who is not already on our list of registered players. Although we occasionally get rubbish entered, those players who use this feature generally do so with respect (though not always great spelling). The key to controlling this feature is the new striker’s club. Any newly entered strikers (often known as ‘WRITE IN’ strikers or as X-men after the temporary codes they are given) are resolved at each Week’s selection deadline. If a striker (any squad player) at the selected club can be identified as matching the text entered the entry is accepted and the striker is added to the registered strikers list. If the striker cannot be identified in the selected club’s squad at the selection deadline the entry is discarded and the positions he occupied in any teams that selected him become vacant (and non-scoring). As far as the transfer window is concerned, it is vital that you make sure the player is registered by the selection deadline in the relevant Week. It is possible that a striker could be registered after the selection deadline for a Week and still play (and score) for the club in that Week’s match. Such late registrations will not count for the Week in question though they could count for subsequent game Weeks.


After the shocks in the first two rounds of the competition, the highest ranked team left in at the Quarter Finals stage are Arsenal de Brooklyn in thirteenth place in the overall standings. They just lead a group of four cup contenders who are in the top twenty. The other group of four teams left still chasing cup glory occupy the positions from 25th down, with Haxey Hoodlums in 28th as the lowest ranked team left in the competition. The draw has thrown up one tie between teams in each of the groups while the top two ranked teams play teams from the lower group.

Arsenal de Brooklyn find themselves drawn away against Mixmix, the leading team in the lower group, with some twelve places and 41 points separating the sides. Both sides have won through one round at home and one away, so I don’t think the draw will be decisive but, while Mixmix have put out a higher placed team than their opponents, Arsenal de Brooklyn have not previously played anyone so lowly ranked. Prediction: potential shock.

There is an even bigger gap, at fourteen places and 48 points, between fourteenth placed KPs Nuts and Haxey Hoodlums with the lower side again drawn at home. Intriguingly, KPs Nuts have won two away ties while Haxey Hoodlums have reached this stage after a win at home and a home replay victory. Amazingly for the lowest ranked side left in the cup Haxey Hoodlums have only beaten one side higher ranked than themselves, the same as KPs Nuts who also have the unique distinction of having played at this stage of the Cup in previous seasons. Prediction: KPs Nuts to progress.

The Fast And Furious 8 in eighteenth place are drawn at home to MANILA BLUES just two places and eleven points above them. Both teams have had home and away victories against higher ranked teams in the first two rounds but MANILA BLUES have easily outscored their opponents who have had just seven points scored against them in two low scoring ties. Prediction: MANILA BLUES to outscore their opponents again.

Our final tie sees londonlads drawn at home to PJ Auxerre. These teams sit adjacent in the table with PJ Auxerre four points better off. While PJ Auxerre had an impressive shock victory in Round 2, londonlads were putting out the league leaders (and team of the season, so far), fdringo. Also while londonlads were pulling off another impressive shock in round 1, their opponents had a bye into Round 2. With 49 points, so far, londonlads are easily the top scorers in this season’s competition and have come through a home tie before while their opponents have yet to play away. Prediction: londonlads will progress.

The Quarter Final ties are to be played in Week 19 with any replays due to take place the following Week. Good luck to all those still involved.


We return to Premier League action with a normal Week. We have a selection deadline at 11:00 on Saturday morning, there are ten Premier League matches to be played and that includes one fixture for each club. The final match of the Week is scheduled for Monday night between Man Utd and Stoke and we will have our web sites updated shortly after the final whistle at Old Trafford. The next web log will be published late on Wednesday 17th January. In it you will be able to read the latest news from the Golden Boot Game and the Total Goals Game as well as a report on the Quarter Final ties in the Golden Boot Cup sponsored by Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven, Cornwall.

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