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Week 23 - Ten Goal 'fdringo' Take Total Goals Game

Published: 14 February 2018


We must start this Week by congratulating the coach of fdringo who pulled off a dramatic late smash and grab victory in our latest Hot Spot Game. Going into the final match Arsenal de Brooklyn still held the lead with a slender one goal advantage but two goals from Hazard were enough to bring the long-time league leaders their second Hot Spot Game victory of the season. While their success in the overall classification has been based on consistently good performances, it took a spectacular ten goal haul in the final Week to secure victory in the Total Goals Game and hold off the determined efforts of donnyvegas over the final two Weeks of the contest. Well done fdringo and best of luck for the remaining eleven Weeks of the season.


When the most valued striker of the Week scores four goals you would normally expect him to dominate the Week’s scoring but Aguero did not even provide half the points scored in Week 23. With two goals from Hazard and contributions from Kane, Salah and Vardy, there were plenty of popular points available to build a big score for your team. All this scoring led to a Week 23 average of almost 24 points and no fewer than seven teams bagging a half-century or more. Three teams got goals from six of their strikers with both fdringo and Bury Wanderer getting ten goals in total. While fdringo posted the Week’s best score of 57 points thanks to a maximum 32 from Aguero, Bury Wanderer only just reached 50 points thanks to just 24 from the Argentine. Between these two ten goal teams sit four teams with nine and one with just eight. Both donnyvegas and Something For The Weekend Sir scored 55 points with Cheshire Town just a point behind, all three had nine goals with Aguero and Hazard providing two thirds. Oxford Orange had just eight goals for their 53 points thanks to a Week’s best 44 points from those top two strikers and MANILA BLUES complete the list of half century makers with 52 points. Among those teams without Aguero pride of place goes to Mixmix who posted six goals for an above average score of 25 points; with the right man in the 8-point slot they would have been up there with the leaders.

As fdringo posted the best score of Week 23, I can exclusively reveal that they have extended their lead to 33 points. While substantial, this is far from the biggest ever seen at this stage of a Golden Boot Game season so it doesn’t quite rank in the Man City class just yet. We do have a new team in second place as donnyvegas have overtaken Bury Wanderer after posting the Week’s second best score. The gap between second and third is now four points so this is definitely the current battle for the prizes. In fourth place Cheshire Town are a full sixty points behind the leaders and 27 points from a prize place. They are, though, 25 points ahead of Something For The Weekend Sir who now lead a rather ragged chasing pack of eleven teams separated by fewer points than the top four. It will take some seriously good consistent scoring for any of these teams to mount a challenge but that’s exactly what has taken fdringo to their current pre-eminent position, so it can be done.


One thing I forgot to tell you about Week23 in last week’s blog is that it lasts for two calendar weeks. The fifth round of the FA Cup means there are no Premier League fixtures until Saturday 24th February. This does not mean you can have a week off from our blog, though. We will be publishing a new web log, as we do every week during the Premier League season, on Wednesday 21st February. In next week’s blog we will be looking at our next Hot Spot Game, the elaborately entitled Quantum Accelerator Game, and attempting to explain both the rules of the game and why it is called the Quantum Accelerator Game. That’s not all though! We will also be taking a slightly early look at the prospects for the semi-finals of the Golden Boot Cup sponsored by Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven, Cornwall. There is also the small matter of Week 24 of the Golden Boot Game to preview, so plenty of reasons to make a date with next week’s missive.

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