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Very Few Changes For 2017 - 2018 Season

Published: 19 July 2017


There are just about ten days to go until you will be able to sign-up to play the Golden Boot game for the 2017 – 2018 season. The TV companies have now selected the televised matches for the first few Weeks of the season and the bad news is that the season will open with a Friday night selection deadline at 18:00 on Friday 11th August (That’s 6pm). I pretty much predicted that this would not happen but you all know my record on predicting anything to do with the Premier League. On a completely unrelated topic, we have not made many changes to the web site from last season and have made even fewer changes to the games themselves. In this blog I will outline the changes that have been made and how they will improve (affect) the way you play the Golden Boot game in the coming season.


There will be a new web page showing the structure of the Golden Boot game for the 2017 – 2018 season. Each of the 34 game Weeks will have an entry showing the start and end dates, the start of selection and the selection deadline. In addition the number of Premier League matches scheduled for that Week will be shown along with the date and time by which we hope to have the web sites updated with the final position for that Week. Obviously some of these dates (and the number of matches) can be subject to change, sometimes quite late in the day but we will endeavour to keep the calendar as up to date as possible through the season. There are two extra pieces of information which will appear for some Weeks in the calendar; the start or end of a Hot Spot game and any Golden Boot Cup round or replays to be played that Week. Using the calendar players should be able to see when each round of the Cup is scheduled, when those Hot Spot games end so that you can collect your prize or start taking an interest again and when those pesky double week Weeks and double game Weeks occur. You should also be able to see when those Friday night deadlines are coming up and plan accordingly. The Calendar page will replace the Hot Spot Games page in the TABLES section of the web sites. Up until now the Hot Spot Games page has served a dual purpose, showing both the rules of the Hot Spot games and their schedule. This page will now show only the rules of the games and will, therefore, be included in the RULES section of the websites.


Talking of Hot Spot games, the experimental Grand Prix game, which opened last season, was pretty much a total failure and it is not hard to see why. Formula One races have about twenty starters and even in the early days six of those would score points (almost a third). In modern times at least half the starters will get points at the end of the race. For the Golden Boot game version we had over thirty starters each game Week with just six scoring. So, rather than just giving up on the Grand Prix game after one failed experiment, we have decided to give it another chance with rules that are more in line with modern day Formula One racing. If we are looking at fifty per cent of teams scoring points each Week we will need about twenty point scoring positions for the Golden Boot game version, which will mean considerably higher point values for the leading teams than those actually used in Formula One. For positions 11 to 20 each Week we are proposing a scoring pattern of one point for 20th place through to ten points for eleventh place. For the top ten, though, we will increase the gaps for each position making the scores for first through tenth place each Week; 75, 64, 54, 45, 37, 30, 24, 19, 15 and 12 points. There are two other rules to bear in mind, however, the most fundamental of which is that a team scoring no points in the Golden Boot game for a Week will not be classified for that Week in the Grand Prix game, so they cannot score any points there either. Secondly, where two or more teams have identical records for a Week they will all be given the highest points score for the positions they occupy rather than an average of the scores for those positions. For example, if three teams tie for eleventh place they will all get the ten points for eleventh place rather than the average of the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth place points (nine points). The Grand Prix game will, once again, start the season and run for the first five game Weeks. As last time, there will be no actual prize for the winner, just the glory.


The next web log will be published on Wednesday 26th July 2017 just four days before you can sign-up for the new season. We will be using it to let you know any late changes and to remind you of how to get help and advice on playing the Golden Boot game in the 2017 – 2018 season.

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