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Week #27 - 'Cheshire Town' and 'M1' Continue In Prize Places

Published: 20 March 2019


As predicted, we now have scheduled dates for all the remaining Premier League matches. There is the small matter of the TV matches for the penultimate weekend of the Premier League to be decided but apart from that (our Week #33) the Golden Boot Game calendar is now finalised. There are two Weeks when we will have Wednesday night matches, both of which are followed by a Friday night start to the following Week. This is exactly the situation which puts our Controllers under pressure. I guess we will be ok as long as everything proceeds smoothly but if something goes wrong it could be a challenge. Luckily, the final couple of Weeks look ok with no midweek matches to worry about. We will, as always, be using our best endeavours to ensure everything runs smoothly and you get the service you expect from Golden Boot Game.


With only five Premier League matches we were probably lucky to get seven strikers contributing points to the Golden Boot Game cause in Week #27. Remarkably, two of these magnificent seven, Hernandez and King, scored twice, although only five teams had a two-goal striker in their line-up. It was left to Mane to provide over half this Week’s total points with two thirds of our teams benefitting from his strike. This pushed the average score up to 7.7 with only two teams missing out altogether. Not bad for a half Week. As the only team with a two-goal striker in the 8-point spot (or any of the top three spots) PJ Auxerre posted the Week’s best score with 22 points despite only adding one goal to Hernandez’s brace. The Week’s top goal scorers with five from four strikers were Mixmix who reached twenty points, half of them from Hernandez. Team Of The Weak were the only other team to have more than two scorers, their fifteen points coming from four goals with Mane’s 8-pointer worth twice Hernandez’s total.

With the Week’s best scores coming from teams lower down the overall classification the movement at the top was all about the gaps between teams rather than changes in the order. Cheshire Town saw their lead over M1 reduced to just 35 points. I’m not sure they will be getting worried just yet. At least M1 increased their lead over fdringo in third place to three points. Back in fourth place Lancashire Rover closed slightly on the top three and now sit just two points behind the champions. Magic Eight Balls, however, dropped back slightly in fifth and now sit a full ten points behind that second prize position.


Technically it is Porthleven Pirates OR who are back on top of the standings after four Weeks of the Quantum Accelerator Game. This Week’s top scorers Mixmix are equal on points after their twenty point haul and are actually shown as the top team because the rankings assume that the latest Week will prove decisive in any tie-break situation, which isn’t always true. We won’t be changing this because tie-breaks only count at the end of the contest and at this stage are for illustrative purposes only (the top two teams should be treated as joint top). For the second Week in a row last Week’s leaders drop to third, Zvezda007 now sitting two points behind the leading pair. A point further back come Cheshire Town which means we still have four teams within one goal of top spot. When we return from the international break each goal scored by any of your strikers will be worth five points. There are five extra matches scheduled during the penultimate Week of the contest, too. This could turn out to be the most crucial Week in this Hot Spot Game as the final Week, when the quantum value reaches its maximum, has only six scheduled matches. Certainly, if your team is not in the top half now, they can’t leave it until the final Week to make a decisive move. The prize winners will need to be in the mix after Week #28 to have any chance of taking the prize the following Week.


As there are no Premier League matches scheduled over the next seven days the only event of note for the Golden Boot Game will be our next web log. This will be published on Wednesday 27th March. It will have news of some technical changes affecting the Golden Boot Game web sites as we start our preparations to lose one at the end of the season. We will also be looking forward to the final seven Weeks of the Golden Boot Game and the last two Weeks of the Quantum Accelerator Game.

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