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Week 1 - Goals For Every Team With 'Chimps gimps' On Top

Published: 16 August 2017


Welcome to our first real blog of the 2017 – 2018 season. We hope all our players will have an enjoyable season playing the game. Not everyone can win but we can all have fun playing and that’s what we always aim for. We began season 15 of the Golden Boot game with just 30 active teams, two less than last season. Perhaps the Friday night deadline was a factor, in which case we may yet reach the 35 teams we had at the end of last season. For those wondering whether it is worth joining late we should point out that teams that missed the first Week, or even the first two Weeks have won prizes in previous seasons. So it is not too late to get your team signed up yet. Usually the first few Weeks see the scoring all over the place as players struggle to work out which strikers are getting selected, which are on form and which are under achieving compared to last season. It is not usually until after the first break for international matches that things start to settle down. So there is still plenty of time to get involved even if you missed out on Week 1.

On a technical level the season starting Friday night deadline passed off without a hitch and it was not until we came to generate the first standings in the Grand Prix game that any problems became apparent. A brief false start during which we calculated the table using last season’s Grand Prix game scoring was swiftly followed by moving the correct algorithms from our test system and within ten minutes the new points were available on both web sites. It’s fair to say that things could have gone a bit better but they could also have gone a lot worse.

We have now updated our calendar page to reflect the fact that the TV companies have chosen their matches up until the end of November. There are a couple more Weeks with a Friday night selection deadline now so it might be worth taking a look at the updated schedule.


Just like last season every team started with a couple of strikers scoring goals which meant that all reached double figures at the first time of asking. Lukaku and Aguero provided over half of all points scored but there were plenty of points from new boys Lacazette and Morata to boost the average score to over 27 points. Only five of our teams could manage to add a second two goal striker alongside Lukaku and four of those added three more scorers for seven goals. As so often in the Golden Boot game though, the teams getting most points were not those with the most goals. Four of the top five scorers had just six goals but had 16 points from Lukaku to boost their scores. A new name this season, Chimps gimps lead the way with 36 points from sillstars who are just a point behind. The best of the teams with seven goals, All New Goal Monkeys are another point back in third ahead of a group of four teams on 33 points.

There is almost always one team score which gets to the gist of what the Golden Boot game is all about and this Week it is Arsenal de Brooklyn who have that dubious honour. As the only team to have six of their eight selections score they registered a Week’s high seven goals. Despite which they find themselves in the bottom half of the table after scoring just 27 points. So, for the first time this season I get to remind you that the Golden Boot game is not about how many goals you score or how many strikers score those goals. It is all about position and points in this game but those who lost out this Week should not worry because the Golden Boot game season is a marathon not a sprint.


The first race could hardly have gone better for the organisers with J1 taking the lead off the line but soon dropping back to leave KPs Nuts heading the field for much of the race only to fade away badly in the frantic closing stages to finish with just one point. Coming through to take the chequered flag in a very close race were Chimps gimps with sillstars hot on their heels and All New Goal Monkeys completing the podium. Dropping the motor racing metaphors, the top twenty teams were covered by just ten points but there was only one position (sixth) where teams finished exactly equal which made it a good Week for the Controllers. With just five Weeks for this Hot Spot game it puts a premium on high scoring in the first couple of Weeks but it could well be the lower scores that make the difference in the end. Even that one point for KPs Nuts could prove crucial if they can put together some better performances over the next four Weeks.


Week 2 sees our first Saturday morning selection deadline at 11:00 am on 19th August. In fact Week 2 is our first normal Week of the season which won’t mean much to you if you are a new player but will be re-assuring to our regulars. There are ten Premier League fixtures with each club having one match. In the Week’s final match on Monday night Man City take on Everton, so we should have the websites up to date shortly after the final whistle at the Etihad. Our next web log will be published on Wednesday 23rd August. It will include all the latest news of the goals and points scored in Week 2.

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