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Week 30 - Form Team Lancashire Rover Continue to Shine

Published: 20 April 2018


The best thing about the second Eriksen goal from Week 29 being re-assigned to Kane was not that we did not have a single complaint from any player who had picked Kane, although that was a good thing. Rather it was noticing how many of the larger, more high profile, fantasy football games took exactly the same approach. Seeing that the biggest and best of the free fantasy football games (the Man City or Spurs of the fantasy football world, if you will) take the same approach as ourselves (the York City of the fantasy football world) shows that our rules are in the mainstream even if our player numbers are small. It is also re-assuring to know that our players know the rules of the Golden Boot Game well enough that they do not need to ask for a ruling, let alone claim the extra points (the fantasy equivalent of a Dele dive, no doubt). At one point we were worried that the BBC might re-assign the goal before the Premier League gave their ruling which could have put us in a difficult position but they chose to stick with the original allocation until the official decision. This, when it came, was far too late to affect our own and most other fantasy football games. Finally, for anyone who is not fully aware of what our rules are, we allow until midnight on the day after the match for any changes to scorers and we always go with the BBC football web site on all matters of fact.


Week 30 saw goals from all the top five most selected strikers plus a double from Giroud. Another dozen strikers made lesser points contributions and these included a Zaha double for six of our teams. With all these popular strikers coming good it was inevitable that we would see many teams posting similarly impressive scores, boosting the Week’s average score to a healthy 19.5 points. It is many years since we have had 64 teams scoring in a single Week and we may have to wait a long time until it happens again. The two top scoring teams in Week 30 both had seven goals from seven different scorers. Not for the first time this season Lancashire Rover topped the scoring with 34 points and were just one away from a full house, with Austin being the guilty striker on this occasion. For Something For The Weekend Sir just a point behind it was Sanchez who failed to deliver. A point further back were a group of four teams, BF Giants, Bury Wanderer, PJ Auxerre and Team of the Weak, all with identical six goal returns. All the teams mentioned had goals from their top five scorers (top six in the case of Lancashire Rover) and none had a double goal scorer.

For the second Week running fdringo were able to stretch their lead over donnyvegas in second place, opening the gap to 28 points. Behind them Bury Wanderer moved back into third a point ahead of Cheshire Town but still some twenty points shy of a prize position. Lancashire Rover in fifth continue to close down the two teams above them and are now just nine points away from snatching third place. Apart from this close three way battle for third place, the gaps are quite large throughout the top ten with the only other battle where BF Giants look capable of taking eighth place from M1, for what it’s worth.


After the first Week of the Final Five Game the best performing teams of that Week always occupy the top positions. Of course Lancashire Rover won the previous Hot Spot Game and are the current form team so it’s no surprise to see them out in front again. Something For The Weekend Sir and those four teams with identical records on 32 points round out the top six and behind them come a further group of four teams on 31 points completing the top ten. Leading this second group of four are Chimps Gimps in seventh place with seven goals thanks to a double from Zaha. Chimps Gimps started the overall season well but faded away badly so they might be able to sustain their challenge over the shorter distance. In eighth place, thanks to their two Giroud 8-point goals come blue house who are one of our late starters. With no chance of catching the early birds in the main game this is their one chance of taking a prize this season. In ninth place, with goals from their top five selections topped up with a 1-pointer, come Haxey Hoodlums. Despite being the lowest placed of our original starters in the overall standings, they too could yet take a prize this season. In tenth place the final team of this group within three points of the leaders come Always Winners. Despite missing out on the tie breaks against the other three teams on the same score and not being in contention for any other prize this season they still have as good a chance as any to finish the season as one-time (rather than ‘always’) winners.


Whereas last Week we had four extra Premier League fixtures the FA Cup semi-finals mean that we only have six scheduled in Week 31. There is no match this Week for Bournemouth, Brighton, Chelse, Huddersfield, Leicester, Man Utd, Southampton or Spurs. The remaining fixtures start with a Saturday lunchtime match between West Brom and Liverpool which means the selection deadline will be the usual 11:00 am on 21st April. After another Saturday match and three on Sunday, the final scheduled match of the Week is Newcastle’s visit to Everton on Monday night. We will be updating our web sites shortly after the final whistle at Goodison. The next web log will be published late on Wednesday 25th April. In it we will be previewing the Golden Boot Cup final between Mixmix and PJ Auxerre and, for those of you who have no interest in the cup, we will have our usual round up of the latest news from the Golden Boot Game and the Final Five Game.

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