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Week 27 - Salah Dominates Saturday Scoring

Published: 21 March 2018


With so few fixtures being played it was obvious that Salah would be the key to this Week's scoring. I'm not sure anyone expected him to dominate quite so heavily, though. In the end he was responsible for over 70 per cent of Golden Boot game points scored in Week 27 with his team mate, Firmino, grabbing half the remainder. These Weeks where one striker dominates are always decided by how many goals a team can add to his total and Week 27 followed that exact pattern. All the top seven scorers managed to add at least three goals to Salah's four making the scoring very congested in the high forties. Top of the pile with 49 points from their seven goals were Something For The Weekend Sir and Spartak Gringley but they were only a single point ahead of two more seven goal teams, MANILA BLUES and Mixmix. The latter being the highest scorers not to have 32 points from Salah. Top goal scorers this Week were Eight Wizards with eight goals but their wizardry could only bring them 46 points.

The sharpest of you will have noticed that none of the top five in the overall standings were mentioned among the Week's top scorers but they all scored well having the good sense to put Salah in the 8-point position. The top two had identical returns of 39 points from their two Liverpool scorers so the gap between fdringo at the top and donnyvegas in second remains at 26 points. Bury Wanderer were able to close the gap to second place by three points to eleven but their advantage over fourth placed Cheshire Town was also reduced by a couple of points to fourteen. Fifth placed Lancashire Rover also closed the gap above them but by the minimum amount. These gaps at the top of the standings, while not small, are certainly closable especially since there are still seven crucial Weeks of the season to be negotiated before the prizes are handed out. Also there are extra matches to be fitted in to the final few Weeks so it's not all over yet.


With teams scoring seven or eight goals this Week and each goal counting four points, it's not really a surprise that seven of the top eight in the latest Quantum Accelerator game standings are from this Week's top goal scorers. Spartak Gringley and Lancashire Rover lead with 52 points after their seven goal hauls while eight-goal Eight Wizards sit just two points back in third. The fourth team to overtake last Week's leaders are Magic Eight Balls on 49 points leaving The Fast and Furious 8 down to fifth place on 46 points despite scoring five goals. As we have seen in the first four Weeks, things can change very quickly in this game and with goals worth five points each in Week 28 any team in the top dozen could be leading the way going into the last Week of the contest. Another dozen teams below them could also put themselves in a position to challenge in that final Week simply by having a good penultimate Week. One way to look at how open the Quantum Accelerator game still is, is to think that one goal in each of the first four Weeks brings your team ten points while one goal in each of the final two Weeks brings you eleven. Thus, it is the teams who score well from this point forwards who are in with a chance not those that are currently leading the way. They might, of course, end up being the same teams. We will have to wait and see.


There are no Premier League matches scheduled until Saturday 31st March due to the international break. This means we have a thirteen days without a Premier League fixture, a record for recent seasons. In the mean time we will be publishing another web log on Wednesday 28th March. Obviously we will be looking forward to Week 28 of the Golden Boot game and the penultimate Week of the Quantum Accelerator game but I'm not sur yet what other goodies we will have in store. You can bet it will be well up to the usual standard for our blogs, though.

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