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Week #5 - 'Uttley Allstars' Take Over at the Top

Published: 19 September 2018


It’s good to be back to Premier League matches after the break with the first of four thrilling fantasy football Weeks before the next boring break for internationals. The top clubs who, let’s face it, provide most of the selection options for those top points positions, now start to have European matches interspersed with their Premier League commitments. This may lead to a certain amount of squad rotation for some of these clubs though the extent of this will probably vary for each club. Undoubtedly, those with the most extensive squads will hope to utilise them to the fullest extent. In summary, it might just be worth checking if your favourite striker had a tough European match followed by a long flight before picking him to fill your 8-point slot, especially if he has a talented understudy waiting to step into his Premier League boots.


Hazard’s hat-trick accounted for 65 per cent of all the points scored in Week #5 of the Golden Boot Game with the other 35 per cent provided by ten different strikers contributing one goal each. Such was Hazard’s popularity that only one team failed to score and the average score was 17.6 points. Hardly surprising then that the Week’s leading scorers, Uttley Allstars, were the only team with Hazard in the 8-point position and it was exactly that which separated them from PJ Auxerre with both teams having 31 points from five goals. PJ Auxerre got 21 points from Hazard as did all the other top scoring teams. Five goals proved enough for Oxford Orange to reach 30 points and Team Of The Weak to get 27 where they were joined by four goal M1. The teams with most scoring strikers and most goals (six) had Hazard too low in the order to match the leaders. Imperial booze boys at least had 26 points from their six goals but fdringo, without a goal from any of their top three picks, were down at just twenty.

Having top scored in successive Weeks either side of the international break, Uttley Allstars have taken a seven point lead at the head of the overall classification. Imperial booze boys have also moved up one place to second relegating their fellow six goal scorers, fdringo, to third some nine points behind the leaders. Team Of The Weak have moved into fourth a further two points back and three ahead of Mixmix in fifth. All these top five have reached the hundred points and twenty goals marks this Week. Predictably the two teams who scored six goals this Week have scored most goals with 22 and the team that scored three 8-pointers this Week lead that category with seven for the season.


We are now half way through the first Hot Spot Game game of the season so the order of things is starting to take shape. Uttley Allstars have won for the second successive Week though for the second and third teams, PJ Auxerre and Oxford Orange, this was their first time on the podium. As the only team with two victories Uttley Allstars now lead, some sixteen points ahead of the only team with a victory and a second place, Imperial booze boys. Team Of The Weak sit in third place despite never having occupied a podium place. They have, however, finished in fourth place three times though their gap to the leaders (48 points) is now greater than the 45 points they get for fourth, so they may have to improve a bit if they want to win the prize. A relatively poor Week for fdringo means no teams have managed five top ten finishes and the new leaders are currently the only team on a run of four. About a third of teams have scored points in every Week, though, with Bury Wanderer down in eighteenth place on just 51 points being the lowest ranked. Despite their lowly position just a couple of victories could take them to the top. They just need to follow up their first half consistency with some second half brilliance and the prize will be theirs.


Week #6 is as normal a normal Week for the Golden Boot Game as any normal person could wish. We have a normal selection deadline at 11:00 am on Saturday 22nd September. This is followed by the usual ten Premier League matches with each club having one fixture to fulfil. We start with a Saturday lunchtime match between Fulham and Watford while the last match is on Sunday afternoon when Arsenal take on Everton. The web sites will be updated with the latest points shortly after the final whistle at the Emirates. The next web log will be published late on Wednesday 26th September with the usual review of how the Premier League goals have affected standings in the Golden Boot Game and the Grand Prix Game.

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