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Review of 2017 - 2018 Season - Part Two

Published: 13 June 2018


Although the prize positions in the Golden Boot game were static for the final third of the season and the Cup didn’t exactly make up for this lack of excitement, the six Hot Spot Game competitions did provide some interest from time to time throughout the season. Four of them changed leadership in the final Week of the contest with two of the prizes changing destination during the final Premier League match of that final Week. I’m sure nobody plays the Golden Boot game just for the Hot Spot Games but they are a nice bonus, providing some extra excitement and helping to spread the prizes around a bigger pool of players. We will never be able to pay out weekly prizes like some of the other fantasy football games but it does look like we will be able to keep the same level of prize money for next season and we may be able to increase it slightly if we can get enough players for the new season.


The first half of the season had seen five different teams at the top of the Golden Boot game standings with each subsequent leader surpassing the number of Weeks at the top of their predecessor. The first Week of the second half of the season (Week 18) saw fdringo equal the five Week stay of their antecedents Bury Wanderer who at this stage were still firmly hanging on to second place. Eventually fdringo would extend their time at the top to 21 Weeks and it may well have been more if the season had not abruptly ended at that point. This meant that no leading team had ever regained top spot after losing it at any point during the season. I can’t swear that this is the first time that has happened in the history of the Golden Boot game but I can’t remember it happening before and it certainly hasn’t been in recent seasons. With no changes at the top during the second half of the season focus turned to the battle for the second prize. Bury Wanderer held on to the second spot for nine Weeks after losing the lead but in Week 23 donnyvegas took over and held their position through to the end of the season. For the final twelve Weeks of the season, then, we had the same two teams in the prize positions which is another situation I cannot remember happening before. With little happening at the top of the overall classification we still had the Hot Spot Games to provide some interest. So we will take a look at how they panned out this season.

THE HOT SPOT GAMES 2017 - 2018

The first Hot Spot Game of the new season was another attempt at the so called Grand Prix Game in which position points are scored by teams with the top scores in that Week’s Golden Boot game. With a revised scoring system this proved an exciting contest with newcomers Chimps Gimps snatching their second victory in the five Weeks that made up the contest and, with the victory, enough points to overtake sillstars and win the contest. Sadly there was no prize for this Hot Spot Game, just the glory of victory.

Our second Hot Spot Game was the Keirin Game which I won’t make any attempt to explain the rules of. Suffice to say that the game is designed to produce an exciting finish by offering many more potential points in each of the six Weeks of the contest. In the end this game proved to be a portent of what was to come in the Golden Boot game. The winners took control early and held off all attacks comfortably without any drama. Their name fdringo, of course.

The third Hot Spot Game, the Medals Table Game completed the first half of the season and 2017. In this game gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded for 8-point, 7-point and 6-point goals scored during the contest. The Christmas matches can change the scoring dramatically at the end of this contest and so it proved this season with Bury Wanderer coming from behind to take the prize thanks in great part to their silver medal haul bettering the other three teams with ten golds.

The Total Goals Game began the second half of the season. The winner of this prize simply has to score most goals during the six Weeks of the contest. Perhaps unsurprisingly fdringo were able to win their second Hot Spot Game of the season as they consolidated their lead in the overall classification. However, it took a couple of late goals from Hazard in the last Premier League match of the contest for them to snatch a dramatic victory over Arsenal de Brooklyn.

The Quantum Accelerator Game, our fifth Hot Spot Game of the season, is another of those games where the rules are artificially designed to increase the points scoring Week on Week until a climactic final Week decides the contest. As in our previous attempt to manufacture excitement this season, the contest was dominated by Lancashire Rover from the start with the decisive gap appearing in the first two Weeks of competition.

Finally we arrived at the last five Weeks of the season and the Final Five Game. This seems to have been a wakeup call for several of the teams in the top ten of the overall classification who, unable to mount any challenge to the top two, decided to jink it out for this final Hot Spot Game instead. In the end it was Team Of The Weak who proved strongest over the final five Weeks to take the last minor prize of the season. Something For The Weekend Sir had held sway going into the final set of Premier League matches but a Week’s best points haul from Team Of The Weak turned a five point deficit into a four point victory in this most prestigious of Hot Spot Games.


Football never sleeps and the Premier League fixtures for next season will be published tomorrow just a few hours before the World Cup starts in Russia. This is usually the cue for us to stop thinking about last season and start preparing for the one ahead. In our next blog, to be published on Wednesday 27th June, we will be looking at our plans for next season and the key dates you need to make sure you are ready for the sixteenth season of the Golden Boot game.

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