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A Look At The Cup & The Medals Table Game

Published: 15 November 2017


Week 12 sees the start of our third Hot Spot game of the season, the Medals Table game. This game runs for a total of six game Weeks ending after the last matches in Week 17, which are currently scheduled for Thursday 28th December. So, the winner will be getting a belated Christmas present from the Golden Boot game unless they are infused with the true spirit of Christmas after watching ‘A Muppet Christmas Carol’ and decide to donate the prize to our charity for this season, The Fragile X Society. How do you win the Medals Table game? (I’m glad I asked that question!) Well, in the Medals Table game each 8-point goal scored over the six Weeks of the contest wins your team a gold medal, each 7-point goal wins your team a silver medal and each 6-point goal wins your team a bronze medal. The team with the most gold medals at the end of the six Weeks and ninety Premier League matches which make up this contest will be the winner.

But what about those silver and bronze medals? (Another brilliant question, I’m on fire tonight!) Even though there are nine sets of Premier League matches to be played between now and December 28th it is unlikely that the top score will be more than say twelve gold medals. Although the maths is very complicated and involves normal distributions and stuff, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that if there are only a dozen possible scores and there are over thirty teams, there is a fair chance that there will be more than one team with any particular gold medal score. If by any chance there is more than one team with the top score, the team with the greatest number of gold medals and the best haul of silver medals will win the prize and if more than one team has the greatest number of gold medals and the best haul of silver medals, the team with the greatest number of golds which also has the best haul of silvers and the most bronze medals will take the prize. Now I can put all that in a simpler way by saying that in the Medals Table game the table will be ordered first by the number of gold medals, then by the number of silver medals and finally by the number of bronze medals and that the team at the top of the table after all the matches have been completed will take the prize. It is, of course, possible for two or more teams to have identical totals of gold, silver and bronze medals and in this case the normal Hot Spot game tie break rules will be applied to determine the winner. If you really want to know what they are you can read all about them on our Hot Spot Rules web page which can be accessed via our overall Rules page on our web sites.


There are still two game Weeks and three full sets of Premier League matches to be played before the second round of this season’s Golden Boot Cup sponsored by Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven, Cornwall gets under way. That is plenty of time for the relative positions of teams to change significantly between now and then. There are, however, a few interesting points we can pick out from the draw. All of the top three teams left in the contest, Bury Wanderer, fdringo and M1, look to have an easy passage through to the quarter-finals. However, they are all drawn at home which seems to increase the chance for a giant killing in this competition. I would be surprised if all three make it through to the last eight. There’s a local derby between BF Giants and The Fast and Furious 8 (both coaches are in the friends and family of the Controllers category), which looks like a close call. There certainly won’t be any giant killing heroics needed for BF Giants to get through this one but they will have to overcome that home draw hoodoo.

The other four ties look likely to fall into the middle category where the teams are neither far enough apart in the table for a potential giant killing nor so close together that both teams have equal chance. In two of the ties, Magic Eight Balls versus Haxey Hoodlums and Arsenal de Brooklyn against Team Of The Weak, the higher placed team is drawn at home which might help the away sides bridge the gap. The other two ties see the lower placed side at home with a resurgent Mixmix taking on All New Goal Monkeys in a tie which might not look like such a giant killing if the two teams keep up their current form over the next couple of Weeks; while the two teams facing their first cup involvement this season meet each other with PJ Auxere at home to Something For The Weekend Sir. This last is the one match I would put money on were it not that the away team are likely to be such short priced favourites to make it not worthwhile.


We return from the international break with a normal Week with ten Premier League matches, one for each club. Arsenal have the honour of hosting the first match after the break at lunchtime on Saturday, which means the selection deadline will be at 11:00 am on 18th November about ninety minutes before kick-off in the North London derby. The final match scheduled for Week 12 is the keenly anticipated Monday night match between Brighton and Stoke. We will get the web sites up to date shortly after the final whistle in that match. The next web log will be published late on Wednesday 22nd November ready for an exciting read on Thursday morning. The highlight will be the report on the first Week of the Medals Table game but we will also have all the usual stuff.

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