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WEEK #1 - Weakenders & fdringo Make Fast Start

Published: 15 August 2018


Let us start with the good news; we have managed to complete Week #1 of the e Golden Boot game season 2018 -2019 on time and without any obvious technical difficulties. Pretty much everything seemed to work in a satisfactory manner from the technical side and so far we have not had any complaints from players about the way the game has worked. On the down side, however, we have started the season with just 21 teams which have valid registrations and one suspended team which has an incorrect email address. There are a number of prominent teams from previous seasons who are yet to sign up again, so it could be that we have lost some of our most loyal players. With some of the re-registered players controlling more than one team, it is likely that there are fewer than fifteen individuals currently taking part in the game. As always, we have targeted our limited budget on providing prizes for our various games, relying largely on word of mouth for advertising. This, of course, means that we are relying on you who are reading this to spread the word. In other words we need your help to recruit new players or persuade those who have given up on us to get involved again. Those of you who are active on social media are in an especially good position to provide us with some free publicity very easily. At this stage of the season it is not too late to catch up the missed Weeks but the window for that is quite short, so we all need to act quickly.


There were just six strikers who contributed to the Golden Boot game scoring in Week #1. Over half the points scored were as a result of Salah’s opener for Liverpool and two more for his team mate, Mane, meant that over 85 per cent of the Week #1 points came from the Liverpool match. Last season’s Golden Boot winner figured in all but four of our teams and was the main reason why over twenty teams scored points leaving just one active team yet to get off the mark. The top four teams in Week #1 had three goals from two scorers. Champions fdringo began the new season just as they ended last season with twenty points taking them to the top of the overall classification. They are joined at the top by Weakenders with an identical record. Just a point behind sit Back to Back on nineteen. Team Of The Weak sit in splendid isolation on sixteen points, three ahead of the only team with three different scorers, Lancashire Rover. The average score of ten points in Week #1 is fairly low. We would expect to see higher averages as it becomes more apparent which strikers are going to be on the pitch and which ones are going to be on form. Having said that though, there are always odd Weeks where the average is in single figures but nobody can predict those, obviously.


It is absolutely inevitable that the results from Week #1 of the Grand Prix Game match exactly those from Week #1 of the Golden Boot game. With position points being awarded for the top twenty points scorers in the Golden Boot game, the most important thing was that 21 out of our 22 teams got off the mark in Week #1. Even though several teams had identical records (I can’t imagine four cars tying for fifteenth place in a real race) we still had a fair spread of scoring. Joint victors were, of course, fdringo and Weakenders who both get the 75 points for victory. This means that Back to Back get the 54 points for third place leaving them 21 points (erm) back behind the joint leaders in this game rather than the one point back they are in the general classification. It seems like a massive deficit but a good result in Week #2 can wipe it out at a stroke. In the end the Grand Prix Game will be won by consistency. If a team can get good points from three or four top five finishes and back that up with consistent scoring in their weaker Weeks they will have a good chance of taking home the prize when it is finally awarded at the end of October. My advice to everyone is “hang in there, it’s not over till it’s over”.


Week #2 of the new Golden Boot game season starts with a Saturday lunchtime kick-off between Cardiff and Newcastle. The selection deadline is on Saturday morning 18th August at 11:00, our normal time. Each club has one match this Week making ten Premier League fixtures in total. The tenth and final match is the Monday night game between Crystal Palace and Liverpool. We will be updating our web sites shortly after the final whistle at Selhurst Park. The next web log will be published late on Wednesday 22nd August ready for your breakfast reading on Thursday morning. It will have the usual revue of the Week’s scoring in the general classification as well as the latest results from the Grand Prix Game.

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