Golden Boot Game Terms and Conditions

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These terms and conditions govern your use of this web site and your participation in the Golden Boot Game. For the rules of the Golden Boot fantasy football game please see our rules page. Please make sure you understand both these terms and conditions and the rules of the game before you register to play the Golden Boot Game.

Use of the Site

  • This is a UK based site for a UK based game. While you are very welcome to play wherever in the world you are based, all communication with the site or the game should be in English. We will not enter into any communication in any other language than English.
  • There are various forms on this site where you may enter data. Any player who enters any material which is considered to be obscene, racist, sexist or otherwise objectionable in any way will be excluded from the game immediately. Any prizes or other benefits due will be forfeit.
  • The controllers of the Golden Boot Game will decide, in their absolute discretion, whether content is considered objectionable. If a complaint is received from any party about content entered by any player the controllers will decide whether to uphold the complaint and remove the material.
  • For some minor breaches of etiquette the controllers reserve the right to amend material submitted to the site to remove profanity or wording that may cause offence. We will always let you know by email when this happens outlining the reason for the change.
  • Any player who is found to be wilfully breaking the rules or manipulating the rules to their own advantage may be excluded from the game. If an error or loophole in the website has allowed such an advantage this will be corrected and the player(s) gaining the advantage will have their scores adjusted as if the error had never been present. Any prizes gained as a result of such an error will be awarded on the basis of the adjusted scores when the advantage has been removed.


  • Under no circumstances will we ever substitute cash, goods or services for any of the the prizes offered in the Golden Boot game.
  • Prizes are strictly none transferrable. Only the winner of a prize may receive that prize.
  • Many of our prizes are in the form of vouchers. These are only valid in the UK and have other terms and conditions attached. It is the prize winner's responsibility to read the terms and conditions associated with the specific vouchers you choose for your prize.
  • Although we can often send vouchers by email we reserve the right to send them by post where that is convenient for us. To receive vouchers by post you will need to supply a mailing address.
  • We reserve the right to withhold prizes if a player has not complied with these terms or the rules of the game. In general we will supply the withheld prize once the player is fully compliant.
  • Further details of all the prizes available in the Golden Boot Game can be found on our prizes page.


  • Players must register to play the game by entering a team name, a password for that team and an email address unique to that team before they can take part in the game.
  • By registering a team, players agree to be bound by the rules of the Golden Boot Game and to adhere to these terms and conditions.
  • Players may register more than one team as long as each team registered has a unique and valid email address.
  • The email address for a team must be able to send and receive emails at all times during the game. All communication for a team will be conducted only through the registered email address for that team. Facilities will be provided to change the registered email address for a team in case it becomes unusable for any reason. An unusable email address must be changed to a valid one at the earliest opportunity. A team without a usable email address will be unable to win any prize and may be excluded from the competition.
  • The password registered for a team is for verification purposes only. We do not operate a secure site so you should not use any password which you also use for secure sites such as online banking, shopping, email etc.
  • Each team will be allocated a unique team number when you register. You must enter this team number or the team's unique email address together with your password before making any changes to the strikers in your team.


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