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At every point during the Golden Boot Game season a Hot Spot competition will run alongside the main competition. Most of these games will have a prize for the winner, so, no matter what position your team is in the overall table, they will still have opportunities to win prizes.

The rules for Hot Spot competitions will never contradict the rules for the overall game. So, we could never award a prize for the most one point goals scored because players would need to decide whether to put the most likely scorer in the first or last position.
We can, however, base a Spot Prize on the most 8 points goals scored because players would already be putting their most likely scorer in the first position.

General Rules

Timings - Each Hot Spot game will run for between five and seven game weeks. The period from the start to the end of a Hot Spot game is known as the term of that Hot Spot game. The terms of Hot Spot games can not overlap each other.

Tie Breaks - If at the end of the term of a Hot Spot game two or more teams are tied on the same score the tie break process will be used to determine which of the tied teams wins the game and any associated prize. For each tied team the scores for each game week during the term of the Hot Spot game are ranked in order, best to worst. The best gameweek for each team can be the same as the best game week for another team in the tie break, or not as the case may be.

The best game week for each of the tied teams is compared and any team that does not have the leading score drops out. If there is more than one team still remaining the second best game weeks are compared for the remaining tied teams and then the third best etc. until one team is the winner of the Hot Spot game. Should there still be a tie after all the weeks in the term have been compared, the team scoring the most goals during the term of the Hot Spot game will win. If this is also equal the number of 8-point goals will be compared, then, if necessary, the number of 7-point goals etc. until only one team remains as the winner of the Hot Spot game.

Rules for Each Hot Spot Game

The Grand Prix Game

For the duration of this Hot Spot game, each week will be treated as a separate race with points scored in the same way as the Golden Boot Game.
Each week, the teams in the top twenty positions in the race will receive points according to their position:- 1st place = 75 points; 2nd place = 64 points; 3rd place = 54 points; 4th place = 45 points; 5th place = 37 points; 6th place = 30 points; 7th place = 24 points ; 8th place = 19 points; 9th place = 15 points and 10th place = 12 points. Positions 11 to 20 will win 10 points for eleventh reducing by one point per position down to 1 point for twentieth place.
Teams that score no points in a Golden Boot game Week will not be ranked, so will not score any points in the Grand Prix game for that Week. Where two or more teams have identical records for a Golden Boot game Week, all the equal teams will get the points for the highest joint position. So, if three teams tie for 11th place they will all receive 10 points with the next team (in 14th place) receiving 7 points.
The team that scores the most overall points in the term of the competition will win the game.

The Medals Table Game

Over the game weeks that make up this Hot Spot game every goal scored by one of your 8-point strikers wins the team a gold medal, every goal scored by one of the 7-point strikers wins a silver medal and every goal scored by one of the 6-point strikers wins a bronze medal. The medal table is oredered by most gold medals, teams with equal golds are then ordered by most silver medals and teams with equal golds and equal silvers are ordered by most bronze medals. The team at the top of the Medals Table at the end of the Hot Spot game will be the winners.

The Quantum Accelerator Game

For each of the six game weeks of this competition the total number of goals scored by your team will count towards your score.
Each game week will have a multiplier which will be used to determine your points for that game week. For Week 1 the multiplier is 1, for Week 2 it is 2 etc. until Week 6 when the multiplier is 6. So, each week your total goals times the multiplier will give your points for that week. The winner is the team with most points at the end of the term for this Hot Spot game.

The Total Goals Game

The team that scores the most total goals in during the term of this competion will win this Hot Spot game.

The Final Five Game

For the five weeks of this competition, the final five weeks of the season, the rules of the Golden Boot game will apply in the Hot Spot game.
All teams will start the competition on zero points and the team that scores the most points over the five weeeks of the competition will win this Hot Spot game.
In the event of two or more teams gaining the same number of points the team with the highest total number of goals will be the winner.


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