Golden Boot Knock Out Cup

Season 2016 - 2017

Sponsored By: Arrowvean Cottage, Porthleven, Cornwall.

Round 6 - Final

Cheshire Town(5009)16 V. 19J1(5011)Week 33

Round 5 - Semi-Finals

M1(5012)24 V. 24J1(5011)Week 25

Partysanne Gringley(5020)22 V. 26Cheshire Town(5009)Week 25

Round 5 Replays

J1(5011)20 V. 11M1(5012)Week 26

Round 4 - Quarter Finals

sillstars(5006)19 V. 38M1(5012)Week 19

Partysanne Gringley(5020)22 V. 9Always Winners(5007)Week 19

Pointes High School Marksmen(5022)27 V. 28J1(5011)Week 19

fdringo(5027)19 V. 41Cheshire Town(5009)Week 19

Round 3 - Second Round Proper

Spartak Gringley(5016)13 V. 22Always Winners(5007)Week 16

donnyvegas(5017)17 V. 19fdringo(5027)Week 16

Partysanne Gringley(5020)11 V. 7Weekenders(5032)Week 16

Pointes High School Marksmen(5022)21 V. 0MANILA BLUES(5004)Week 16

Ard Mhacha Abu(5023)14 V. 25sillstars(5006)Week 16

Eight Wizards(5024)16 V. 22Cheshire Town(5009)Week 16

Magic Eight Balls(5028)11 V. 19M1(5012)Week 16

The Happy Saturdays(5033)18 V. 24J1(5011)Week 16

Round 2 - First Round Proper

Arsenal de Brooklyn(5003)7 V. 9Always Winners(5007)Week 9

Mixmix(5005)2 V. 2Partysanne Gringley(5020)Week 9

sillstars(5006)4 V. 0KPs Nuts(5014)Week 9

Bury Wanderer(5008)0 V. 0J1(5011)Week 9

Lancashire Rover(5010)0 V. 4Eight Wizards(5024)Week 9

M1(5012)4 V. 0BF Giants(5019)Week 9

Uttley Allstars(5015)6 V. 7MANILA BLUES(5004)Week 9

Spartak Gringley(5016)7 V. 0Lallanas in Pyjamas(5029)Week 9

donnyvegas(5017)6 V. 0Dynamo Ashford Drive(5021)Week 9

Gingernuts(5018)0 V. 0Magic Eight Balls(5028)Week 9

Pointes High School Marksmen(5022)5 V. 0Haxey Hoodlums(5013)Week 9

Junkyard Dogs(5025)0 V. 0fdringo(5027)Week 9

Donnydowners fc(5026)0 V. 0Weekenders(5032)Week 9

Trap ceam(5030)5 V. 6Cheshire Town(5009)Week 9

Oxford Orange(5031)2 V. 3The Happy Saturdays(5033)Week 9

S11 Yarra City Spartans(5034)0 V. 0Ard Mhacha Abu(5023)Week 9

Round 2 Replays

J1(5011)39 V. 37Bury Wanderer(5008)Week 10

Partysanne Gringley(5020)28 V. 11Mixmix(5005)Week 10

Ard Mhacha Abu(5023)40 V. 30S11 Yarra City Spartans(5034)Week 10

fdringo(5027)40 V. 28Junkyard Dogs(5025)Week 10

Magic Eight Balls(5028)43 V. 22Gingernuts(5018)Week 10

Weekenders(5032)40 V. 20Donnydowners fc(5026)Week 10

Round 1 - Preliminary Round

PJ Auxerre(5001)0 V. 25Pointes High School Marksmen(5022)Week 4