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The Golden Boot game was devised by Paul Jackson (aka Controller 71) with some help from Mark Jackson (aka Controller 81).

This website was designed by Paul Jackson and Barry Fildes.

© Golden Boot game is copyright of Paul Jackson 2002 and this web site is copyright of Paul Jackson 2015.


As always we need to thank a few people who have helped with the development of the various Golden Boot games and websites.

  • Barry Fildes - for providing general advice on the website and for being our main sponsor for the first twelve years of the game.
  • Mark Jackson - for providing advice on football and the Premier League as well as providing feedback on using the website.
  • Julie Thompson - for providing help and assistance on everything, "I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)"

How to Get in Touch

We are always grateful for any comments or criticism concerning the game or this website. We can not improve things unless we know what you are finding difficulty with so please do not hesitate to let us know your problems.

Any commets on the Golden Boot game, our website or football in general can be posted on our blog. It does not need to be about anything mentioned in the blog.

Alternatively, you can post your comments on our facebook page (search for Golden Boot Game).

For more private messages the best way to contact us is by email to or use this link. In an emergency you can send a text message to 07973 360605 for support.


Money provided by our sponsors goes towards providing prizes for the various competitions which make up the Golden Boot game and its various Spot Prize games.

You can sponsor a prize from as little as £25.00. In return you will get advertising on our web pages together with mentions and links to your site on our web site, in our blog and on our facebook page. If you are interested in sponsoring a prize please contact us by email, on our facebook page or via the blog.


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